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Baby's Badass Burgers: Will a rolling sex-and-meat show sell? Probably

August 7, 2009 |  6:11 pm


In Wednesday's issue of Brand X, Elina Shatkin mentioned a new food truck called Baby's Badass Burgers, which is poised to start traveling the streets on Monday. The conceit for the truck is unimaginative and will no doubt play well along the Cahuenga Corridor: fine-looking ladies in tiny shorts and tight tank tops serving up burgers with unfortunate names like the Cougar (aged beef and black truffles) and the Hot Chick (buffalo chicken with blue cheese).

In a recent blog post on Brand X, Krista Simmons writes that although "it's not news that sex sells, restaurants, both mobile and stationary, are capitalizing on their employees' bodies and promoting objectification that is not only offensive but downright disgusting."

I'm not sure why, but somehow the concept itself doesn't offend me from a feminist standpoint. It just makes me laugh. It's other food trucks that should be offended by this rolling sex-and-meat show. I mean, hundreds of budding entrepreneurs across L.A., who are no doubt suffering from post-Kogi delusions of becoming the next big thing on wheels, are spending all sorts of time thinking of unique concepts that might catch fire (dosas, pressed-rice buns, meat-topped fries, Philly cheesesteaks). Then along come the folks of Baby's Badass Burger, who probably woke up one day and said, "Hey, here's a killer idea: Lets get hot ladies to sell burgers in little shorts."

I can only imagine that a Hooters' truck is coming next.

Speaking of Hooters, I have friends who go there "for the wings." And once I went and noticed that the women with the generous breasts and the small shirts seemed to enjoy their jobs. I doubt that the women working in the Badass Burger truck really mind wearing their outfits either, after all they took the job.

I know all about "sexy" work outfits, too, having spent years in a short, tight-fitting dirndl as a bartender at the Red Lion. It wasn't so bad. Probably the grossest thing that ever happened to me was when a man hugged me and told me I felt like a cheerleader. Otherwise, it felt kind of nice to look cute.

Anyways, it will be interesting to find out if the burgers are any good.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo credit: Baby's Badass Burgers