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Bud Light's 'fan can' leaves a bad taste

Fancan A U.S. official and some colleges are telling the brewer of Bud Light to can it.

Bud Light rolled out a marketing gimmick, "Fan Can," with the beer cans decorated with college team colors in selected markets just as the schools -- and their football teams -- were gearing up for a new season.

But the campaign drew criticism from Janet Evans, a senior attorney with the Federal Trade Commission who oversees alcohol advertising, and from certain colleges because the cans could encourage underage drinking on their campuses.

"We've told them we don't ever want to see a campaign like this again," Evans said Wednesday. "We're concerned about the promotion because it's targeted to college campuses where there are a large number of binge drinkers and underage persons in the audience." Read more in Sports:

Photo caption: Design of the proposed fan cans, which would come in school colors. Photo credit: Associated Press

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This is crazy. Universities will slap their logo all over shot glasses/beer glasses and they cry foul for colored cans?? COLORED CANS? This has nothing to do with preventing underage drinking and everything to do with the fact that the universities are peeved they aren't getting a cut of the money. You can't monopolize a color scheme. I live in Iowa and we have colored cans for all three state schools, Iowa State, Iowa and Northern Iowa. All three universities are making a stink about it. The only people who aren't upset about it are, of course, the distributors, but mainly the fans. The fans are the ones the universities want to keep happy! It all boils down to money, and the universities don't want fans to have fun, unless they're forking over the dough to them.

I can't believe it. I really can't believe it. Universities are crying foul on Bud Light for this as it 'promotes binge drinking among underage students?" Really? I smell greed as the motive vs. a responsibility to the students. I can't believe that media groups around the country have fallen for this crock of bull too. Dig a little deeper...Colleges are clearly raising a big stink about this because they were not paid any fees by the Bud Light brewery. I am sure the NCAA and College Licensing lawyers pulled all the colleges into a room and said "Hey, we could get some money from them if we charge them for royalties." How does a colored can promote binge drinking? Bud Light's can is already colored. If we are going down this route..then what about Tailgating activities that these colleges and universities host. Those are more of a contributor to binge drinking and consumption of alcohol by underage students then a damn colored beer can. C'mon. Really. How has everyone been duped to jump on board with this bogus claim. A country of lemmings.


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