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A two-star ParkAve in Stanton

August 12, 2009 |  5:13 pm


Before it was Beach Boulevard, the Orange County road that leads straight to Huntington Beach was known as Highway 39.

That was back when Clifford Ronnenberg's parents owned a dairy and roadside diner, which is now the site of the citified ParkAve restaurant. The retro-style neon spelling out the name at the edge of the parking lot shines like a beacon among tacky motels, new town houses and the usual strip malls. Stanton is not what you'd call fancy, more working class Orange County than upscale. And that's to its credit.

The building is low-slung stone ornamented with an original Sputnik-inspired Googie ball. The restaurant's name is spelled out in a flowing retro script in brass beside the door. Inside, it's retro all the way, and that goes for the classic American fare as well. Oh, with some updates too.

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Photo: Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times