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Sam Nazarian's SBE to manage Gladstone's of Malibu

Crispy calamari at Gladstone's. Credit: Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times.

Sam Nazarian's SBE restaurant/nightlife/hotel conglomerate said it has been tapped to take over longstanding Malibu seafood restaurant Gladstone's. Well known for its stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and sculptural foil-wrapped leftovers, Gladstone's hasn't done as well with its food. From Leslie Brenner's June 2008 review of the restaurant:

"The most important reason there are so many leftovers at Gladstone's is that the food, for the most part, is abominable."
"It's not easy to find great chowder, nor is Gladstone's the place to seek it. Is it clam chowder? Fish chowder? Who knows ... The overriding impression is of library paste."
"The iced seafood tower lands on our table ... The shrimp have a terrible off-taste, which makes me nervous that I ate an oyster."
"This is among the worst menus I've ever seen. Parmesan halibut. Salmon pesto pasta ... Memo to chef: With few exceptions, fish doesn't go with cheese."

Perhaps SBE, which currently owns and operates seven Los Angeles-area restaurants including XIV by Michael Mina, The Bazaar by Jose Andres, The Abbey and four Katsuya locations, will bring the joint up a bit.

--Elina Shatkin

Photo: Crispy calamari at Gladstone's. Credit: Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times.

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Hmm, don't know how I feel about the Nazarianization of Gladstones. Place is a relic of my childhood. Little hard to reconicle this move.


--OH oh, how awesome!!! Now we can have another cheesy lounge on PCH (Moonstone's Blue lounge) being the other. But i'm SURE SBE will be bringing in their a-game with this one. That meaning, skinny wannabe model !@#$es and hipster homoz wearing fedoras and texan mustaches. Can't wait to see the leased M6s and Ferraris being parked up front. Well, at least Malibu residents can have seafood and pick up an 8ball on the way home!

I'm not really sure how much that is going to help Gladstone's, but it would be nice for them to have some decent fare.

Sam will get the job done!


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