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Pink's Hot Dogs to open at LAX

PinksLAXWhatever concerns the Pink family has about franchising Pink's Hot Dogs, an outpost of the iconic hot dog shack will open in LAX before year's end. If you're not flying out of the country, you're out of luck: It will be in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

The airport Pink's will serve 11 of its 21 varieties of hot dogs and no hamburgers (though that's subject to change before the opening). Various accounts have it opening anywhere from late fall to late December.

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Courtesy of Pink's

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Oh man I've been waiting for this. Pink's hot dogs are the best. YUMMY

Peachy, you must work for the TSA, ever waited in those lines??? Or perhaps like all gov employees, the vending machine line... LOL

You can still access the Pinks stand without going through security, so you do not have to be flying out internatioanlly to get a Pink's dog at LAX.

peachy - lol

Yeah, I wish we did have some better restaurants at LAX like they do at SFO. Pink's is still a start, better than something generic. Maybe a good taco chain like La Estrella would be fitting for travelers to sample.

Inferior product? A) It's a hot dog. B) Have you actually tried it before? Pink's make a great dog. Too bad they won't be sold in the Domestic Terminal.

Already one at Hollywood Park casino down the street. Even if I lose everything like a Goldman Sachs securities trader, I make sure to save enough for a hot dog with sauerkraut.

Because what we need more of at LAX is standing around in long, pointless lines for inferior product.


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