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Peach doughnuts at Donut Man in Glendora


StrawberrydonutsLos Angeles doughnut aficionados know all about Donut Man strawberry doughnuts: half a basket of strawberries coated in pie glaze and heaped into a plain raised doughnut (offered from February through the fall).

But not as many people know about Jim Nakano's peach doughnuts. It's the same concept, but done with fresh peaches -- and it only lasts for a few weeks each summer as long as the fruit is ripe.

Donut Man started serving these last week, so go now. Time is running out. 

Donut Man: 915 E. Route 66, Glendora. (626) 335-9111

--Elina Shatkin

Photos: Rob Takata / For The Times

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I feel your pain, Rob, but note that freshness and ripeness aren't quite the same thing. Donut Man being the perfectionist that he is, I can only imagine that your experience was a fluke. But, thanks for the reminder — I'm on my way. See you there!

I pass this every week on my way to my sister's house. Going to have to break down and try it!

I stopped in to Donut Man just over a week ago, on the second day they had the Fresh Peach Donuts and was disappointed. The peaches were fresh alright, they were fresh to the point of being under ripe.

I put this down to being early in the season, though I've had nice ripe peaches from the farmers market already.

A friend of mine went there the other night and they still had under ripe crunchy peaches.

Last year the Peach Donuts were great and the strawberry versions I had a few times earlier in the summer were fresh and ripe.

C'mon Jim, you're the Donut Man! Don't disappoint your fans with inferior versions of your signature product.


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