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All-male 'MEATings': The newest dude fad?

SausagesgrillingTrying to cash in on the metrosexual trend while simultaneously exploiting the backlash against it, Man Cave -- apparently, it's a Minneapolis-based company that "empowers the everyday guy to be all that is man" and not a chain of leather bars -- wants to spark the latest bachelor party craze with all-male "meatings." (We'll leave the innuendo up to you.)

Here's how it works. A semi-undercover Man Cave agent attends what seems like a typical, "just us guys" bro-fest. Somewhere between the Beck's pony keg and the fistfuls of beef jerky, he whips out a bunch of shiny new grilling equipment, hoping his fellow dudes are drunk enough to want to buy it. (Nothing goes better with a burger than a sales pitch.)

Ladies have brunched, baby showered, pedicured, massaged and soaked together in spas for decades. Why should one gender have all the fun? Dudes clearly need a testosterone-laced version of the Tupperware party. But one with an unambiguously heterosexual ethos and name. You know ... like Man Cave.

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

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I just went to their site and saw the pictures http://mancaveworldwide.com/page/meatingpics they look like what my husband does every weekend! If he could make some extra income doing it then that's a win-win in my book.

Metrosexuals? Metrosexuals are the guys who showered, pedicured, massaged and soaked. BBQ guys shower and brush their teeth, but that's about all since they want to get out to their grills and grunt with their "bros" about the beer and the smoke they will suck in until they collapse from all the meat they eat in between.

Just sayin'


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