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Snapshot: Waffle BLT

June 30, 2009 |  1:07 pm

Waffle-BLT This is a waffle BLT made by a friend of mine named Stevie Treichel. He was so excited about his idea that he e-mailed me a picture. Later in the week, when Stevie spoke with his father on the phone, he told him about it. And when he spoke with his mother, she mentioned that she'd heard about the waffle BLT. The whole family was pretty jazzed.

Stevie's waffle BLT came about the evening after he made homemade waffles for breakfast. He had waffles and the ingredients for a BLT and inspiration struck. This does not mean Stevie is the first person to do this (I think the Waffle in Hollywood makes a ton of sandwiches using waffles for bread), but since he thought it was his idea he has every right to be excited.

If you have a picture of a dish that you made at home or with friends that you feel truly proud of, please send it to me at jessica.gelt@latimes.com. We'll picture it on this blog in the "Snapshots" category.

(Also, Stevie's photo is a little blurry. Probably because he was so worked up. You should shoot for photographic perfection.)

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Waffle BLT / Stevie Treichel