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Nothing says 'call me' like a beef jerky business card


File this under "Now we've seen everything":

Beef jerky business cards.

I tripped over this at TechCrunch. If you're not familiar with TechCrunch, consider checking it out. Its Twitter feed @techcrunch is highly addictive even if you think you don't care about all thing techie.

Consider it your Twip of the day. Follow 'em -- and then tell me if I am wrong.

-- Rene Lynch

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Photo credit: Jason Kincaid

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Tech crunch is one of the highest earning blog . I find that business card unique.:)

These are awesome! Check out http://www.mondoprint.com for a great business card printing service.

Can't help but notice that the phone numbers begin with the fake prefix '555". So this isn't a real card after all.

Is that ink on the jerky edible or is there some sort of engraving of the text?

I'm certainly not going to be the first to note that this is an obvious reference to American Psycho; where Christian Bale played an 80s Yuppie Psychopath with an affinity for classy business cards. I assume this is photoshop (though it might be real), but regardless, I equally assume printing a psychopathic killer's business card on meat is essentially a joke...

My favorite business card (real) was Hacker Kevin Mitnick's: it was etched in metal, and you could pull off parts of it to form an effective lockpicking set.


This is not real, it's from American Psycho. Remember Patrick Bateman? Killed people, was obsessed with business cards, dead meat, get it?

Love the American Psycho reference.

This is a reference to a character in the movie "American Psycho."

My bad. If I'd read the posted link before commenting, I'd have seen that their prototype is being printed up using Patrick Bateman's info from American Psycho.
Very cleaver. I mean, clever.

I'M ONLY 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't tell me nobody recognizes this business card. Patrick Bateman? VP @ Pierce and Pierce? Am I the only person who saw American Psycho?
"Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my god! It even has a watermark!"

This is how you tell a redneck businessman... :)


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