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Notes from the Test Kitchen: Aebleskivers... and kanom krok

Aebleskiverkirkmckoy When we received the recipes to test for this week's story, "All about aebleskivers," we never considered the potential versatility of the pan. Granted, it's the tool to have when you're craving those perfectly round little pancakes -- making it a must for any serious pancake lover -- but otherwise it's king of a one-trick pony... right?

At least that's what I thought.

But then I got an e-mail from reader Sam Dilworth of Mt. Washington:

"Hi Noelle --  A 7-cavity pan for aebleskivers can be purchased for $9 at a store almost within walking distance of the L.A. Times building. It appears identical to the cast iron pan pictured in your article and comes with an aluminum domed lid. But it is sold there as a pan for making kanom krok, one of Thailand's most popular street foods, which is made with a rice flour batter and coconut filling. In fact, there is [an] outdoor stall there in the store's parking lot, which sells freshly made kanom krok. One taste and I was hooked. That was what prompted me to buy the pan there so I could make them at home. Now I'll be experimenting with aebleskivers too, thanks to those enticing recipes in your Food section today."

Thanks so much Sam for the tip on the pans and those tasty coconut cakes (I'm a big fan too -- it's hard to have just one)! I'll definitely have to try it out and report back.

And readers, if you have any more tips on aebleskivers, those pans, or other potential recipes, send us your e-mails.  We'd love to hear from you!


Thai market LAX-C, Inc. is located at 1100 N. Main St., Los Angeles, (323) 343-9000.
-- Noelle Carter

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I used to use this pan at a restaurant to make small round foccacia cakes to go with a tomato salad. They were perfectly crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. I recommend trying it with different bread doughs as well. You could have fresh baked rolls at dinner without having to bake it all at once. Less waste that way.

Check out banh khot, a vietnamese snack made with the same pan. It is also made with rice flour and coconut milk, but it's savory and topped with mung beans and shrimp. You wrap the little morsels in lettuce or mustard greens along with other greenery and dip them in nuoc mam (fish sauce). Yum!

Hooray, Christmas in May! Æbleskivers are best associated wtih advent and Christmas in Scandinavia and served with powdered sugar, fruit preserves and a glass of gløgg. My children love them, and we make them throughout the year for special occasions.
The cast iron pan is the best, especiallly when handed down from your grandmother.

Aebleskivers and I go way back.

It's a three point turn to make a perfect circle. They should not be flat/ or disk like- they should be round- and not at all moist inside- should be cooked all the way through.

Use a knitting needle. Nothing on top but powdered sugar and raspberry jam. Maybe some soft ice cream if you like.


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