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Sorry makeover artists, Mario Batali's not parting with those orange Crocs

Mario-batali Chefs spend hours in the kitchen, sweating over a hot stove for your feast. Do they really care what they look like back there? Mario Batali sure doesn't. He'll even tout his famous jailhouse orange Crocs around town.

On Tuesday night at the Can-Do Awards, which benefit the Food Bank for New York City, the Iron Chef told Fashion Week Daily to step off. Fashionable or not, he's gonna rock those trademark Crocs:

"Crocs are my signature, and I take a beating on your blogs about it! All fashion blogs think these shoes are the ultimate problem. I wear them because they’re the most comfortable thing and I don’t give a .... about fashion. I like fashion on other people.”

Turns out whether he cares about it or not, Mario's a fashion trendsetter. Orange was all the rage at the fall 2009 New York Fashion Week men's shows.

-- Whitney Friedlander

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Photo: Chef Mario Batali attends the sixth-annual Can-Do Awards dinner and auction hosted by the Food Bank for New York City. Credit: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

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Mario Batali is amazing
and awesome

Looks like his body has taken a beating. He sure seems to have aged beyond his years. I think, if I were him, I'd be a little more concerned with my health than my shoes.


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