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Dodger dogs in the dog house as ballpark fare turns healthful

April 13, 2009 |  7:09 pm

Dodger-dogsI never thought I'd see the day that Dodger Stadium started serving Greek salads and yogurt parfaits. What's next, sustainable farmers' market dinners? OK, probably not, but Sunday's paper ran an interesting story on the ways that the stadium is trying to class up its act and help its fans stay on their respective health kicks, rather than falling face-first into a 1,000-calorie plate of nachos by the second inning.

It's good news for sure, but it makes me just a touch sad. Going to Dodger Stadium meant that I had no choice but to eat poorly. And to be truthful, I kind of liked having a fail-proof excuse for why I spent my evening gorging on mega cups of crummy beer, fistfuls of peanuts and day-glo cheese. (A girl needs her vices.) Now that a low-fat turkey wrap will be part of my game-time menu options, I'll never be able to shake the fearsome anxiety of opting to order something less, well, sensible.

When big box movie theaters start offering air-popped corn with brewer's yeast alongside their gut-busting buckets of buttered sin, I'm taking my ball and going home.

--Jessica Gelt