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Sampler Platter: Tacos, foie gras, cheeseburgers, fat ducks

March 9, 2009 |  1:10 pm

Hungry eaters devour tacos from the roving Kogi Korean taco truck. A trio of mini cheeseburgers from Gus's Barbecue in Pasadena. Los Angeles Times Monday's most delicious food news...

  • Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill restaurant in New York gives an amazing 20-minute lecture at TED about Spanish farmer and master foie gras craftsman Eduardo Sousa, a.k.a. the Goose Whisperer.
  • How is the Kogi truck like Democratic Party operative Howard Dean? Read this Newsweek story and try to figure it out.
  • Eat, Drink & Be Merry recounts some of their favorite L.A. taco trucks -- with loads of gorgeous pictures.
  • One of Britain's most celebrated restaurants, the Fat Duck, with three Michelin stars, has been forced to close until chef Heston Blumenthal can figure out why it's making people sick. New York Times
  • Kaelin's, a Louisville, Ky., restaurant that claims it's the birthplace of the cheeseburger, has closed. Courier-Journal
  • Cadbury, which is to Britain and Canada what Hershey's is to the United States, plans to achieve fair trade certification for its chocolate bars. One World
  • "Compared to some retailers or auto manufacturers," some analysts say, "restaurants may prove to be more resilient than other consumer-dependent industries." Or maybe they won't. Who really knows with equivocating "analysis" like this? Forbes
  • First "green" KFC-Taco Bell opens, i.e. they've made the building more energy efficient. Don't worry, none of the "greenness" translates to the menu. Business First

-- Elina Shatkin

Photos: LEFT: Carla Brizuela and Leilani Bermajo devour tacos from the roving Kogi Korean taco truck.(Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times). RIGHT: Two mini cheeseburgers topped with cheddar, barbecue sauce and onions strings fried in cornmeal at Gus's Barbecue in Pasadena. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times).