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Just how much would you pay for that L'Aigle Noir Roquefort?

March 18, 2009 | 10:30 am


On a recent afternoon, customers of the Los Angeles gourmet shop Joan's on Third were greeted with a 1-pound wedge of L'Aigle Noir Roquefort, its blue-speckled innards showcased on a glass pedestal amid tidy piles of other artisan cheeses. Hanging above the display, a black slate declared in white-chalk scrawl: "Get it while you can!!!"

The fate of the French-produced blue cheese may depend on whether the U.S. and European Union settle a trade dispute over hormone-treated beef. On April 23, a 300% U.S. tariff on Roquefort is scheduled to go into effect, sharply raising prices and thwarting imports. Read more here.

Photo: Bob Edme / Associated Press