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Just where is Clifton's cafeteria?

Cliftons We've  heard from many readers about our story on Clifton's Brookdale, people who remember going to Clifton's on trips downtown to shop or go to the theater.

A Clifton's fan from Orange County wrote: "I've been going to Clifton's for years and believe that it is a real gem the community needs to hold on to."

Take a look at Clifton's here.

A musician who now lives in Northern California remembers eating at Clifton's as a child. "I do recall the canaries’ singing and I remember a treasure chest or prize of some sort that I would get when leaving Clifton's. That wasn’t mentioned in your article but it is in my mind along with a wooden spoon that had a dyed-red tip on it; both those things I associate with Clifton’s."

That treasure chest held toys for diners who got the child's tray. And the wooden spoon was actually a flag on the trays with a red tip. The tip gave children the right to choose a toy from the chest.

A reader asked for the hours and address: 648 S. Broadway (near 7th Street), Los Angeles. It's open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day, later on Fridays and Saturdays for now; (213) 627-1673.

-- Mary MacVean

Photo: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

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Clifton's, brings back memories; of my mother (who was a single parent), loading us on the bus from Santa Monica (there were 5 brothers and sisters), and making a transfer to the RTD bus-line to get to Clifton's', for the best food (besides my mom's), I had ever ate! There was such a variety of main dishes, and desserts. I would always get the meatloaf,mashed potatoes,jello,iced tea, and strawberry pie (loved it!).Then we would go to one of the movie theaters, and watch a double feature, and cartoons; for the price of one movie you see now-a-days.Clifton's made my day every other Sunday, we as kids had good conversation there, and enjoyed carrying our own trays,with the best food,money could buy.That was in the early 60's; my mother has passed, and me and my brothers and sisters, live in different areas now. But we all remember Clifton's'


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