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iPhone grocery list app caters to the unorganized


I’ve had this little program called Grocery IQ installed on my iPhone for months and finally got around to using it a couple of weeks ago.

Now, I kind of love putting my shopping list together. Type the first few letters, and the program completes the word and adds it to your list in the appropriate “aisle.” For example, if I type "cilantro," I choose “bunch” and the entry automatically goes into the “fruits and vegetables” aisle.

If I need canned tomatoes, I can specify San Marzano and place it in my favorites listing so that each time I go shopping I can add it to the list, if needed, with the tap of a finger. Yogurt? I can specify a quart of whole-milk yogurt from Straus Family Creamery and, again, save it to my favorites.

You can write in your brand names, move the aisles around or eliminate them and -- very handy is this feature -- e-mail your list to someone else in the family who can do the shopping for you.

Using Grocery IQ at the farmers market and at the grocery store, I find that I forget fewer things I meant to buy because my list is so organized. And I love checking off each item so it goes gray and fades into the background.

Grocery IQ, $.99 at the Apps Store section of iTunes.

-- S. Irene Virbila

Image: Screenshot of Grocery IQ from my iPhone.

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The first iPhone applications all seemed to be list organizers. So many mundane "list" apps have been produced to date that to developers they have become a cliché. The overabundance of "list" apps is even far outweighs the number (percentage wise) of unused and unnecessary social networks on the web. I know it doesn't have all the fancy features, but for lists, I use Notes. . There are loads of unique recipe applications and applications to find great restaurants. That said, S. Irene Virbila, why cover one of these apps in this section?


Jason J McCabe

Excellent recommendation, thanks for the tip!! I'm always forgetting to even BRING my grocery list with me, so knowing it's on my phone is an even safer bet that I'll have it with me.


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