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Bag the fancy beans? The best coffee may be one of the cheapest

Coffeemakeover_2 When you coffee drinkers stumble to the coffee maker each morning in your fuzzy slippers, what are you grabbing for? Starbucks? Dunkin' Donuts? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? Lovingly handpicked beans from Groundwork? Or, what seems like everyone's trendy favorite, Intelligentsia? And do you grind your own beans?

Well, Consumer Reports says you could be wasting your money.

It just released a report that ranked Eight O’Clock Coffee 100% Colombian at No. 1 in a taste test of 19 ground coffees. It costs just $6.28 per pound, earning it the magazine's coveted "CR Best Buy" label.  It's in the March issue of the magazine -- and unfortunately it's behind a pay wall online, or else we'd link to it here.

As you might imagine Eight O'Clock coffee is thrilled with the designation, which coincidentally comes as the brand is celebrating its 150th birthday with a makeover. (Worth mentioning because voters could win a $5,000 grocery spree at Coffeemakeover.com.)

What do you think about this CR report? Have you tried Eight O'Clock Coffee? Is it enough to make you rethink your coffee bean of choice?

And in case you are wondering, here's a link to CR's look at coffeemakers.

-- Rene Lynch

Photo credit: Eight O'Clock Coffee

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But where can I get it in LA? It was A&P's brand but that was many years ago. I'd love to have some to see if it is as good as I thought all those years ago.

I buy boutique coffee from a friend who owns a coffee plantation; the coffee is wonderful, but they don't sell decaf. So when I serve decaf at a party it is usually the 8 o'clock decaf. I always get compliments on the coffee when I serve it! Don't knock it until you try it.

If Consumer Reports suggests it, I may have to check it out. Though, to be completely honest, I’m a huge fan of 7-Eleven’s coffee. They have a great variety of coffee options and it’s to-go. Plus, I can prepare it myself just the way I like and even the largest cup costs under $2!

One thing I've learned about Consumer Reports over the years: really trust them for reviews of appliances, vehicles, etc.

But when it comes to matters of taste, or things you put in your mouth, Consumer Reports is about as useful as asking your accountant to do your dentistry. Consumer Reports over-extended themselves when they started doing taste tests and other ratings in recent years.

Coffee and vacuum cleaners are far from alike. And Consumer Reports' taste buds show it.

You know almost 25 years ago when I lived in Toronto, I remember a similar taste test in the Toronto Star where Eight O'Clock coffee was named the best tasting coffee. It was always my mother's favorite, only available from the A&P. Maybe it's time to give it a try again!

On the one hand, I'm not too surprised, as I think Cafe Bustelo also stacks up well against more expensive brands. On the other hand, I don't trust Consumer Reports at all, especially if it was only tested against the likes of Folger's and Maxwell House. I recently read the coffeemaker test and they didn't even include the one that one in Fine Cooking or whatever that magazine is that is much more food-focused.

Seriously? I'm a bit of a coffee snob, and spend the extra money for organic shade grown java. However next time my wallet is feeling think I may try that one!


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