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David Myers to open Comme Ca Bakery; Boule closes


Boule Atelier, the stylish WeHo pastry shop on La Cienega Boulevard, has closed its doors.

Owner David Myers (whose empire of restaurants -- Sona, Comme Ça and, most recently, Pizzeria Ortica in Orange County -- continues to expand) and baker Hidefumi Kubota told the Daily Dish that they would be putting their energies into a new Comme Ça Bakery instead.

Fans of the shop's macarons, chocolate sables and sea salt caramels might ask, why close Boule? "It’s pretty simple," Myers says. "We’ve had incredible demand for our breads. I’m so passionate about what Hide’s doing and he’s so talented when it comes to baking bread. Unfortunately, our location [at Boule] doesn’t give us the right space to delve deeply into bread."

Comme Ça Bakery's retail shop will be down the street from the current Boule location on La Cienega, and is set to open this summer, next to the space planned for Myers' forthcoming second outpost of Ortica. Myers is moving the bread baking operation into a 10,000-square-foot facility in Culver City. (Comme Ça Bakery also will be offering the bread wholesale.)

Kubota moved to Los Angeles from Japan in 2007 and has been creating breads for Boule and for Myers' restaurants -- specialties such as red wine bread and Earl Grey bread for Sona and baguettes and pain de mie for Comme Ça.

Kubota has high aspirations: "I want to change American bread culture. My thinking is that bread is a very natural product, almost like a living thing. Like a cheese or wine. I just want to show people a real, natural product.... Our ideal [might be] the French bakery, but we should have our own original product, with its own honest taste."

The original Boule was opened by Michelle Myers, David Myers' former wife, in 2004. A Beverly Hills outpost, which opened last year, also has closed, though David Myers says he is planning to open Boule in Tokyo later this year. Meanwhile, some Boule favorites -- a small selection of macarons and caramels -- will be sold under the Comme Ça Bakery label.

-- Betty Hallock

Photo of Hidefumi Kubota at Boule by Los Angeles Times

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1. I am relieved to hear that I'll be able to get my caramels again. 2. I was really saddened to lose the red wine bread, and although it wasn't the star at Boule, it has ever right and reason to become the star at the new venture.

I am so glad that they closed, I loved it until they raised their prices, cut the sizes in half and were so rude at their comme ca restaurant - and never responded to email comments - the only ones I have ever sent in my life, since I really had been a fan!

Here's hoping that Boule's high-end macaroon flavors - like grapefruit, Earl Grey tea, and chocolate/olive - make it to CommeCa's new bakery - Boule's space was nice and minimal, but it always seemed sort like a waste of space for what they told. Hopefully the prices may drop a bit now that they're being integrated into a larger bread-focused bakery?! Cross your fingers!

Awww, man. I will miss the dulce de leche and the apple pie macarons. Crossing my fingers that they make the "small selection" offered in the new digs.

The caramels were amazing, but not much else thrilled me. I'm glad they're changing their focus. I'm excited to try the new bakery!

I'm not too sad about this. They used to great till they raised their prices through the roof this year and the staff became insufferable. That's the untold part of the story here. You'll see a lot more of this -- are you listening Joan's on Third?

Awww... I'm totally sad to see Boule close! We went in for Valentine's Day treats, as we often do, and no one said anything about the closing. Guess we got the last taste of a great institution. Hope the macarons will be available at the comme ca bakery or elsewhere.

I'm so going to miss those fleur de sel caramels. But, yeah, pretty pricey stuff.

Boule, while delicious, was just too expensive for what you get. And Paulette's macarons in Beverly Hills are better.

I'm only semi-sad to hear of Boule's closing (though I can totally understand the conversion to CC bakery if they want to devote to bread, which has never been the draw for me when I go to Boule.)

Many of Boules' sweets are tasty, including the macarons, chocoales, caramels and frou-frou cakes, but there are other patisseries around town to fill that void (Jin, Paulette's, Little Flower, to name a few.)


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