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Culinary SOS: Ooey-gooey chocolate cookie mania


Every week we receive e-mails and letters from readers about the recipes we test and run. But every once in a while we run a recipe that hits a nerve -- or, in this case, the sweet tooth -- in a really big way.

Our Jan. 14 Culinary SOS, Meghan Rose's request for Milk's Ooey-gooey double-chocolate cookies, did just that.

Of course, when you run a recipe that contains almost blinding amounts of chocolate, what else would you expect?

I'm still getting e-mails from readers (and fellow chocoholics).  Thought I'd share a few:

Nicki writes:

"I tried the recipe today that you printed in the LA Times from Milk for the 'ooey-gooey double-chocolate cookies." Wow, those cookies are amazing! I ended up doubling the recipe, which worked out great; these cookies will be favorites in my house for many years. Thank you so much for getting the recipe."

Muriel made them last week for an Inauguration party, and wrote me with tips for what to do with leftover cookies. Please be warned, I never had any leftovers when I tested them (they somehow always disappeared), so we haven't tested this. But it sounds like a fun idea:

"Thanks! The cookies are amazing! I froze some, and I must tell you that FROZEN, they are really delectable. The texture is still chewy, and the chunks are re-solidified, so the combination of textures, and the cold, makes them really really good frozen....! (Also wonderful fresh, of course)."

Bara sent an email to forward on to Milk's chef, Bret Thompson.  And she sent pictures of her cookies (they look great!):

"I made the cookies and they came out great! Absolutely knock your socks off taste! Please thank Bret Thompson for the generosity and love expressed in sharing this recipe."

Bara1 Bara2

Thanks everyone for sending in those e-mails!  We read every single one.

And if you have a special restaurant recipe you'd like to request for our Culinary SOS column, send it to my attention at noelle.carter@latimes.com. (Here are some past columns.) Please include your first and last name, city of residence, and a phone number I can use should I need to contact you for additional information.

-- Noelle Carter

Photos by Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times and Bara Lake.

Check out our ever-growing collection of the Los Angeles Times' Test Kitchen recipes at latimes.com/recipes and our top recipes of 2008.

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The old "Sea Lion" restaurant in Malibu had Sandabs or Possibly Sole Meuniere
that I have never replicated or found a recipe for. It is a fond memory from the 60's and 70's

I dream about the BEST, most delicious Chicken Kabobs at Cafe Panini, located in Corona Del Mar. I've thought about writing the Times for years for their recipe but I'm so sure they won't share it. Today, I decided to just give it a try. What have I got to lose!?

Thank you,

Mary Kdoorian

I made these cookies, which lasted in my house for a couple of days. After the first day, I would pop one or two of them into the microwave on high for 10-12 seconds. They tasted just as if they had come fresh from the oven, warm and as ooey gooey as the first baking. Yum!


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