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For those quiet moments... bacon bath salts

Long day?

Stressed?  Tired?

Need to relax?

How about a warm, quiet, bacon-scented bath....


Escape to bacon-land with No. 18 on my list of "1,001 things to do with bacon," courtesy of Jill Harness. The salts are easy to make, following Jill's step by step guide, requiring just a little Epsom salts, borax, liquid smoke and salt pork or bacon (salt pork renders more fat than bacon).

Of course, Jill also sells the salts pre-made (this may be safer for those of us who might eat the pork before the recipe's finished -- don't laugh, you know who you are).

Relax, then take a look at where the rest of the list stands:

No. 17: Chicken-fried bacon, a.k.a. "bacon porn"

No. 16: Use bacon grease on your popcorn

No. 15: Get a bacon tattoo

No. 14: Make chocolate cupcakes with bacon cream cheese frosting

No. 13: Cover it in chocolate

No. 12: Make a bacon piƱata

No. 11: Write letters about it

No. 10: Use it as currency

No. 9: Bacon chips

No. 8: Rumaki

No. 7: Lentils and bacon

No. 6: Gift it

No. 5: Maple-bacon biscuits

No. 4: Roasted potato salad

No. 3: Apple bacon coffeecake

No. 2: Panzanella

No. 1: Candied Bacon Martini

Bacon recipes galore!

Even more bacon recipes

The post that started it all....
-- Noelle Carter

Photo courtesy of Jill Harness

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I love the bacon list. We're only on #18 out of #1001? Hahaha, oh I didn't think it was possible to have that many uses for bacon. Keep'em coming!

You can never have too much bacon. Or cheese. You are writing about food, right? And bacon is food.

Enough with the bacon! Find something to actually write about!


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