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Top Times recipes of 2008: Roasted potato salad

December 27, 2008 |  9:52 pm


To put it mildly, Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter has a thing for bacon.

This winter, in fact, she wrote a story confessing that one of her favorite Christmas gifts ever was a 6-pound variety pack of the stuff. "Now if that’s not true love, I don’t know what is," she wrote. She's also on a quest to compile a list of 1,001 things to do with bacon.

The simple fact is bacon does make almost everything taste better, a point Carter pushed to the maximum in the same story with a coffee cake studded with apples and bacon -- and bacon martinis.

Those were good, but this potato salad was even better, which is why it lands at No. 5 in our countdown of the L.A. Times' top recipes of the year.

This is far from a one-note recipe. Roasting the potatoes concentrates their earthy flavor and binding them and the bacon together with mayonnaise spiked with the sharp flavors of capers and red onion is the perfect contrast.

Photo credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times