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1,001 things to do with bacon


Who out there doesn't like bacon?

Me? I'm a bacon fanatic, and I'll use any excuse to add bacon (or bacon grease) to anything.

I figured I'd start compiling a list of 1,001 things to do with bacon, and I invite -- or, rather, challenge -- you to join along. Drop me an e-mail with your ideas, recipes or links. I want to see how fast we can grow this list.

In the meantime, here are some recipes to get us started:

#1 Candied Bacon Martini

#2 Panzanella (Italian bread salad with, of course, bacon)

#3 Apple bacon coffeecake

#4 Roasted potato salad (with, of course, bacon)

#5 Maple-bacon biscuits from Zoe Nathan, the pastry chef at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica

And here are more bacon recipes to tide you over until next time.

-- Noelle Carter

Photo credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

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Everyone loves bacon

Try this one;
Bacon wrpped arond a prawn with a grenerous drop of mayonnaise on it.

How about Spam with Bacon?


Bacon dates. Stirs a memory. Dates sliced on a side, filled with chunky peanut butter and either rolled in sugar or wrapped in bacon and baked.

Nothing better than popcorn popped in bacon grease--an old family favorite from the "popcorn capital" of Sac City IA.


Take a pitted date, fill it with sliver of (Spanish, dry) chorizo (about the same amount as the pit would have been) and wrap it in BACON. 1/2 slice is usually enough to wrap 1 date. Secure with a toothpick.

Bake until caramelized/crispy at 375 degrees (timing will depend on size of dates and thickness of bacon). You can turn for more even cooking, but it's not necessary.

The salty, fatty, smoky bacon is an amazing complement to the sweet, caramelized date... and the chorizo slice inside is an added bonus!

At parties, my friends/family exclaim excitedly "The bacon dates are done! The bacon dates are done!"

BACON DATES do not disappoint.

THE ORIGINAL BACON MARTINI was founded at the Happiest Place On Earth Doubledown Saloon in Las Vegas...hope you give credit where credit is due!

Don't forget the Turbaconducken!

When I read these recipes I don't think, "I'm gonna torture some pigs and put some family farms out of business with my bacon loving." I think, "What a nice treat!" Then I go down to our farmer's market, ask Mr Bledsoe about his pigs, chat about his family, how nice his holiday was, if he enjoyed his Heritage (not factory farmed) turkey, then buy a pound of his bacon. Maybe Rainey lives in a sad place with only bad meat choices? Sure glad I don't!

We recently tried a recipe reported in Maxim called “Bacon Porn”. It was thick bacon dredged in chicken fried steak batter and deep fried. A simply amazing experience. But won't repeat very often.

Loved your bacon article.

To Rainey Reitman--Lighten up. Life isn't that dark.

Bacon crackers. Basically bacon wrapped around club crackers and baked until it shrink-wraps around the cracker. Bet you can't just eat one.

Can you really beat Rumaki - using chicken livers or water chestnuts? A soy sauce, brown sugar glaze makes these the perfect appetizer. Then take a Lipitor!

Two of my bacon favorites:
- maple-bacon lollipops from http://lollyphile.com
- bacon cookies (I have a recipe posted here: http://elkit.blogs.com/elkit/2006/03/the_sweetest_pe.html )

Excellent article!
This is right up our alley! Bacon Chris and I review bacon and bacon related products on our site.
I can guarantee that we will be reviewing as many of these as possible.

Some of these are a little over the top. Basically if you are used to bacon as a side in a breakfast or a part of a salad or vegetable, it is difficult to think of it in a drink or a desert pie.

You ask "who out there doesn't like bacon?"

Well, I don't.

I'd like to read some recipes that aren't supporting the industrial factory-farming system that is polluting our waters, causing rampant obesity in our children, impoverishing family farms and torturing animals across America.

But thank you for the interesting and well-written article.



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