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An L.A. institution turns 75, seeks memories

Rhubarbpie In January, the Original Los Angeles Farmers Market will commence a year-long celebration of its 75th anniversary. To help keep things festive, Angelenos are being asked to share their stories, photographs and other memorabilia of the market, which will be used on "memory boards" throughout the year. The boards will be displayed at several locations within the market and also online at www.farmersmarketla.com.

In the spirit of the moment, I'd like to offer up my own favorite Farmers Market memory:

When I was in my early 20s, my parents came to visit for Easter. The night before they flew in I was cleaning up after a shift at the bar I worked at and found $25 in the parking lot. Those were lean times for me and I was really happy to have the extra cash. After I picked up my folks at the airport, our first stop was Canter's (my dad loves liver and onions), and then we swung by the Farmers Market. My father, whose birthday was the next day, was admiring the pies at Du-par's. In a fit of sentimentality, I bought him one with the money I had found. When I gave it to him, he was so pleased. It was a small gesture, a blip on the family-moments radar, but something about it lingers in my mind as especially sweet.

Your turn:

Recollections should not be more than 250 words long and should be sent to:

Marketing/Market Memories, 6333 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90036.

They can also be e-mailed to memories@farmersmarketla.com. (Feel free to send your recollections to the Daily Dish as well. We love memories.)

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo of rhubarb pie from Du-par's by Damon Winter/Los Angeles Times

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My favorite Farmers Market memory was in the early 90's as a budding Music Engineer/Producer in the back of a TV repair shop across from the FM intersection. I had just paid my first visit the day before I started working with David Bowie, along with Mike Greene (38 Fresh Recordings). A few days later David asked where a good place to eat was and we insisted on the Farmers Market. Though how could you ever top that? We ended up eating a turkey sub from Subway a day after that. Of course my scoot across to street to Ralph's for Marlboro "Reds" was another memory, and another story, another time!


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