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The Gwyneth Paltrow backlash over Goop.com

September 24, 2008 |  6:00 pm

Web Scout covers the backlash over Goop.com (where Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be positioning herself as a sort of Martha Stewart):

Gwyneth_4 Gwyneth Paltrow's new lifestyle/advice website, Goop.com, went up yesterday in preview form, but the backlash is already well underway. The site will be a collection of recommendations and musings from Gwyneth herself about things that make her life special.... but the road ahead looks bumpy for this little operation! It's not just that no one wants to take life direction from the girl who has it all -- though that's a powerful thread in the criticism of the site. There are also some more basic technical problems on display, starting with the layout of the two-page site. It's not clear why she bothered to put it up with so little content on it. It feels like something that won an award for Web design in 1998.

When you click on the fork and knife icon, you get an essay about how she loves "to travel, to cook, to eat, to take care of my body and mind, to work hard...," etc.

Photo by Luca Bruno/Associated Press