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Philippe the Original turns 100, French dips to be sold for a dime

Philippestheoriginal If you thought the lines at Philippe the Original were bad already, wait until Monday, Oct. 6, which marks the historic restaurant's 100-year anniversary. On that day, three generations of the Binder family (who have owned Philippe's with two other families since 1927) will be on hand to help sell the restaurant's heart-stopping roast beef French dip sandwiches for a dime. That was the price the meaty, juicy sandwiches were sold for when they first appeared on the menu in 1918. The price of coffee, which normally sells for a dime, will be slashed in half to a nickel.

If the Dow continues its downward spiral and the House remains deadlocked on what to do about the financial crisis, the monstrous line that will surely snake around the block Monday may resemble a bread line more than a party. But no matter, those are prices to wait for these days. And Philippe's French dip sandwich, with liberal amounts of signature hot mustard, is worthy of dedicated, solemn, slow-line celebration, which is just what you'll find Monday, so make sure to bring some sort of cane chair. And please, be gentle on the restrooms -- which with an estimated 2,200 customers daily and up to 4,000 on weekends are on the edge already.

Philippe the Original, 1001 Alameda St., L.A. (213) 628-3781.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo of the counter at Philippe the Original by Jay Clendenin for the Los Angeles Times

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philippes has its place in history and also has a pretty solid french dip sandwich. Think about this place as a landmark establishment rather than a place where your going to get the best sandwich you have ever had. Its just one of those places you have to go to in LA. This place is deffinitly worth trying once even if you don't become a regular. oh yea how many calories are in one of these sandwiches? does anyone know? they don't have anything posted on their website and i can't find anything online. Someone post that info if you find out please.

Fuh-leep's. It's French, therefore it's FUH-LEEP'S. Not FEE-LEE-PEE'S. The owner stated so in the article.

Heard it from the horse's mouth: Fil-ee-pees. I was editing a restaurant feature on the restaurant and that's how the granddaughter pronounced it.

Congratulations....100 years! My memory is having my father take me there when the Dodgers had just moved to LA. We would stop at Phillippes for dinner before the game. I would always look in the display window over the water fountain at all the autographed baseballs. I wonder what that Connie Mack baseball is worth?
Happy Birthday Phillippes!

Potato - Patato. How is Philippe's pronounced? I've heard several variations and would love to hear the proper way once and for all. Is it (spelled phonetically) Fel-eeep's OR Fel-eep-A's OR Fel-ee-pee's? I think it's the ladder but would definitely appreciate some clarification if anyone knows! I have many fond memories of going Philippe's with my grandparents, parents, and siblings. Definitely an unforgettable place with unforgettable lamb dips and potato salad! What a treat!

Happy Birthday Philippe! Not only is this great restaurant an L.A. landmark but it holds great memories for my family as well! I was first introduced to this great restaurant by my late father-in-law, Yo Hosozawa, who ranked Philippe's among the best places to eat in L.A.! I remember laughing with him when I was expecting my first son (who is now 18 and a restaurant fan as well!) because we never could decide which dipped sandwich to order Pork or Beef? Or which salad Potato or Macaroni?? So we ordered both - for each of us!! We did share the chilli though! I'll have to make it a point to take my sons to the birthday celebration in grandpa's honor who I'm sure would be there if he could! (Who knows, maybe he will be there too!!) I'll be toasting with my sandwich to another 100 Years! - Monica Hosozawa

I can recall my very first trip to Phillippe's when I was about five years old, my parents warned me not to put too much mustard on my sandwich and I responded, "but I love mustard". Little did I know it was spicy mustard...Needless to say, I hated the sandwich, cried all the way home and never wanted to go back there again. Years later, I must have forgotten that childhood memory (I mean nightmare) and returned to Phillippe's as an adult. Apparently my tastebuds have acquired a taste for "hot mustard" to the point where I cannot have a beef sandwich at Phillippe's without piling on the mustard!! Here's to another 100 years!!!

When my boyfriend was treated for Leukemia at UCLA during the 1980's, the only thing he could eat while undergoing a bone marrow transplant was Philippe's sandwiches, complete with dill pickle. They kept him alive and enabled him to sail through the procedure in a swift 7 weeks. How many restaurants can brag their menu saves lives?!!! This one can. Here's to another century of Philippe's---bravo!!!

Congratulations on 100 years of great food!! I've been ordering the same thing for the past 50 years.........beef sandwich, marcaroni salad, hard-boiled egg, dill pickle and a lemonade!!! My grand-parents loved this place in the '20's, my parents started taking me as a child, I took my daughter there and now my grand-chldren. It's family tradition!! Don't ever change, Philiippes!!!

We lived in Sherman Oaks, and in the 1960's my grandparents lived "over the hill" -- in various locales over the years: Boyle Heights, Hollywood, the list goes on. Often a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's' would end up at Philippe's for dinner. In the corner, there was a glass-fronted candy cabinet filled with candy bars and penny candy -- I particularly remember the licorice sticks. After gulping down our French Dips, my three siblings and I would race over to the candy counter for the real treat of the night! I live on the East Coast now, and I'd love a trip to Philippe's....

My family goes back three generation of Phillippes sandwiches. My grandfather would take me in the morning for coffee and fresh oatmeal. My dad would take our family before Dodger games or as a family outing. Now, my nephews and nieces have an occasional sandwich.
Roast beef with a side of macaroni salad and a cup of tapioca pudding! Don't forget the yellow chili pepper and hot mustard!

Best place to eat down there, rivalled perhaps only by Olvera St.

Wow, Phillipe's a 100, I remember when I first came to LA my parents would take us to there once a month.

I think I will take a vacation day to go there next Monday

Congrats to Phillipes! Bringing my East Coast wife to LA was not without its difficulties. Taking her to Phillipes for the first time 10 years ago helped seal the deal. We try to make our way out there as much as we can.

Prior to Philippe's, the place had been a cast iron shop and it was here that the first tram cars for Angels' Flight were fabricated in late 1901. They lasted until the Flight was remodeled in 1910. The cars were fitted with wooden seats at a cabinet shop along the midblock alley where the police headquarters is now being constructed.

One of the best places in LA. Hope its around for another 100 years. My kids love it, as I have since I was a kid! Thank you Philippe!!

I'm over 50 and as a kid my mom worked at the old Terminal Annex Post Office across from the train station. We used to look forward to her bringing home lamb dipped sandwiches and a huge kosher pickle. Even today, as I've graduated to the hot mustard, I try to make a yearly stop for one of their sandwiches. Just don't go when the Dodgers are playing. The lines are too long.

Phillipe's is a wonderful place.

Happy Birthday, Philippes. I love this place - and consider it yet another "hidden gem" in Los Angeles. I've taken my kids (6 and 8) to Philippes on several occasions. They just don't "get it" - yet. But they will when they're older and no doubt be dragging their kids to the place 30+ years in the future.

Congratulations to Phillippe's! Wonderful eatery and I've
been a customer with my family since the 40's. I do miss
it among some of my other favorites since moving to Texas. May the place endure forever.

Good Lord, 100 years old! That makes me feel really my age. In the mid-50's, I worked as a "mud-hop" for various railroads to pay my way through UCLA and one year was spent in and around Grand Central Station. Two or three times a week, dinner (or take out for the grave-yard shift) was at Philippe's - it was good and it was not expensive. I have never found a French dipped sandwich during the more than 40 years I have lived in France, but so what. I loved Philippe's when it was 50 and I wish it the very best for its 100th birthday. That shows where quality will get you.
Thanks for all the memories and good food.

I miss Phillippes now that i have migrated to Sacramento. First went there as a child in the 1950s.

Standard order: Lamb double dip plus two orders of cole slaw wet.

Can still remember that perfect cole slaw tang.


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