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Espresso anywhere

September 22, 2008 | 11:25 am

Wild_espressoThis is wacky--a portable espresso machine that works just about anywhere you can produce hot water. A hand pump forces the water through the espresso grounds, in this case one of the pressed espresso pods used in electric espresso machines. That means you can brew a single cup of espresso at the old campfire, on the beach, in your office, at your desk or even beside your bed.

I read about it in the newsletter sent by Unica Home, a design and housewares store in Las Vegas, which always has the latest cutting-edge stuff. Made by Handpresso, the Wild Espresso Maker (yes, that’s its name) is 8.5 by 4 by 3 inches and weighs in at 17 ounces. The cost? $130. But think of what you’ll save on your Starbucks bill. For an extra $20, you can get a carrying case with space for espresso pods; $35 buys you a water bottle with temperature control in case you’re headed up that cliff and want to have an espresso when you reach the top.

Order from www.unicahome.com.

— S. Irene Virbila

Photo of Wild Espressomaker from Handpresso