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Pure bling water

A TV writer-producer named Kevin G. Boyd has had an inspiration: ultra-premium drinking water selling for a very, ahem, splashy price -- around $38 per 750-milliliter bottle. The water comes from the highly regarded English Mountain Spring source in Tennessee and goes through a nine-step purification process. And then it's packaged in glazed bottles hand-decorated with sparkly Swarovsky crystals.

Wow. How Hollywood is that?

The brand name? Bling H2O, of course. (Warning: mildly racy home page on that website.) You can buy online, so if none of your local stores is selling Bling H2O, you can still order yourself a bling-y New Year's.

P.S. If you can do without the bling part, the company also sells the same water in 500-milliliter screw-top plastic bottles.

-- Charles Perry

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How absolutely ridiculous! I pay 69 cents for 1.5 litre of Trader Joe's spring water. Today, I was tempted to pay double for the same sized Trader Joe's spring water WITH electrolytes. I debating back and forth in my head a bit, then said "Are you an idiot"? Why by one bottle when you can get 2 for the price of one? I bought 12 bottles at 69 cents a piece and I plan to get my money's worth sooner than if I'd bought some high priced ridiculous bling water!

Just goes to show there's a Hollywood sucker born every minute! I have a rich friend who spent $70,000 on an exclusive Italian painter to paint his entertainment room to look like antique wood. As opposed to spending perhaps $10,000 to buy the real thing.

I far prefer the Water for People brand. I think it makes a true statement:


Man right when I needed a drink! lol


That website, blingh2o.com, isn't done all that well.

Can anything be more obscene? Tens of millions of people in this country without health insurance, the average disabled American citizen who receives only an average of $600 per month to live on, homeless veterans, etc., etc. Shame, shame, shame!

well its just a way of taking cash from who can throw it around....
easy come ... easy go?

Anyone who buys this water seriously needs to have his/her/its head examined.

This is totally asinine.

Studies and tests have shown tap water is just as good at bottled water. The only reason why we think bottled water is better is because of advertising (and of course, it's possibly that mineral deposits from pipes can affect the taste of water, but this is rare in our modern age.)
Anyway, those that buy this water are ignorant people who rely on fads too much and are probably those vacuous Hollywood types.

I'm tempted to say Kevin G. Boyd is the Prince of Darkness because of this nefarious water.

Lol oh wow.
I don't know if that's Hollywood-ish.
It's just a little dumb.
Or a lotta dumb.
I wouldn't buy it for the water.
I'd but it for the shiny new cool bottle it is. =)

Is the point of this to make the rest of us feel inferior or to suggest that it's a status to which we should aspire? Either way, it sounds stupid to me.

I've think I've seen Britney drinking it.

How much did you spend on "lunch"


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