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Robbie Conal creates poster artwork for 'Contagion'

September 12, 2011 | 11:30 am


In "Contagion," the latest movie from director Steven Soderbergh, a viral pandemic unleashes chaos on a global scale, resulting in mass panic and casualties in the millions. Among the key characters in this fast-moving story of paranoia and fear is a conspiracy-minded blogger named Alan Krumwiede, played by actor Jude Law.

Loud-mouthed, obnoxious and snaggle-toothed, Krumwiede suspects a conspiracy between pharmaceutical companies and the government. On his blog, he touts the powers of forsythia, a homeopathic remedy he thinks will effectively combat the MEV-1 virus.

For the movie, street artist Robbie Conal has created satirical posters depicting the fictional Krumwiede. Based in Los Angeles, Conal has gained fame for his grotesque depictions of public figures -- ranging from politicians (Richard Nixon, Dick Cheney) to powerful media types (Rupert Murdoch) -- which are plastered guerrilla-style in cities around the world.

"Contagion" features brief scenes showing Conal's posters of Krumwiede/Law. The posters depict a grinning Krumwiede, with the alternating homonyms "Prophet" and "Profit."

Conal is no stranger to the movies. He has participated in the street-art documentaries  "Post No Bills" and "Bomb It."


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-- David Ng

Photo: A scene from "Contagion." Credit: Warner Bros.