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Monster Quiz: Remembering epic failures

April 11, 2011 | 10:50 am

As Charlie Sheen reminded us earlier this month, performing is risky business. When you're not #winning on stage, you're really not #winning. History is littered with fails in all genres. Most slink away to lick their wounds in the comfort of oblivion but some are so spectacular they seem to live on forever.

This week's quiz is a celebration of epic performing arts fails. Musicals closing on the same night they opened, films losing a pile of money and operas that just failed to impress on premiere night -- we have it all.

There are plenty of disasters we've missed in this quiz. What is your favorite performing arts fail story?

-- Marcia Adair


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The first "Phantom" films were flops? Since when? Both the '25 and '43 were big hits!


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