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Is THIS the real reason Glenn Beck is out at Fox?

April 7, 2011 |  5:52 pm

Opinions are raging around the net in the aftermath of Wednesday's abrupt announcement of political pundit Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News. Some believe it is because of the economy bouncing back, thus making his apocalyptic pronouncements outmoded. Others opine that his spate of recent remarks with an anti-Semitic tone are the cause.
But here at Culture Monster, we wonder if it might just be an even more wrong-headed pronouncement that doomed the conservative super hero to land with a splat on the pavement outside of the Fox News studios.
On Jan. 12, Beck pronounced that "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" was Broadway's greatest ticket, better than "Wicked."
"I’m telling you," exclaimed the nouveau theater critic, "you go buy your ticket — you buy your ticket now, if you’re thinking about coming to New York, because when this thing opens and it’s starting to run, you will not be able to get tickets to this for a year. This is the 'Phantom' of the 21st century.”
We all know what happened next. "Spider-Man" director Julie Taymor? Gone. The show itself? Hiatus until who-knows-when. Eligibility for this year's Tonys? Kaput!
And Glenn Beck? He suddenly seems a bit like one of Spider-Man's many actors, plummeting from the media heights and landing in a heap down below. Splat!


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— Christopher Smith