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Huntington does rank in top 100 museums worldwide for 2010 attendance

April 7, 2011 |  9:45 am

6a00d8341c630a53ef0133f5f51bcd970b-300wi The Art Newspaper owes the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens an apology.

After publishing its annual survey of the most-attended museums and museum exhibitions in its April issue, the periodical has just published a correction to say that the Huntington was -- for no particular reason noted -- left off its top-100 list.

With 2010 attendance of 564,595, the Huntington would have come in at No. 88, ranking above the Seattle Art Museum and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

(Yes, the Huntington number includes all visitors, including those who skipped the galleries altogether in favor of the Japanese gardens. But the question of how much time people actually spend looking at art, as opposed to say garden perennials or cafe menus, is hard to ascertain for any institution.)

On another note, some readers who saw The Times'  article about L.A. museums lagging behind their counterparts elsewhere expressed curiosity about the Norton Simon in Pasadena. A museum spokesperson reports that its attendance for 2010 was 167,793, which is comparable to the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.


Attendance at L.A. museums lags behind

Top L.A. museum behind San Francisco in Art Newspaper survey

$100 million-plus will be largest cash gift in Huntington's history

--Jori Finkel


Photo: The Huntington mansion in 2010. Credit: Rick Loomis / For the Times.


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While I doubt if much more than half go into the Huntington galleries, more into the english portraiture than the rest as teh gardens are incredible, i have noticed a steep decline in attendance at the Norton Simon. Which is bizarre, considering the strength of the collection and how great the redesign has been, especially downstairs with the Asian collection. They used to show their print collection better however, now more into current art shows that dont get much attention

The Hammer is somewhat better than before, but probably pads its numbers with UCLA students forced to attend for classes, looks rather bare to me. They should be at the Fowler, now thats a great museum. Or the Norton Simon. LACMA may not be a great museum, but is markedly better, even with the waste of money and time on its western half. And soon to "levitate" giant pet rock.
One is born every minute.

"But the question of how much time people actually spend looking at art, as opposed to say garden perennials or cafe menus, is hard to ascertain for any institution."

I thought the garden perennials were an outdoor extension of the galleries. The landscape artists are the curators.


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