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Sarah Palin trashes National Endowment for the Arts

March 16, 2011 |  2:58 pm

Palin JUSTIN LANE EPA Television commentator and half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin trashed the National Endowment for the Arts recently, describing the agency as "frivolous" in a Thursday interview on a Fox News talk show.

"NPR, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, all those kind of frivolous things that government shouldn't be in the business of funding with tax dollars -- those should all be on the chopping block as we talk about the $14-trillion debt that we're going to hand to our kids and our grandkids," Palin told right-wing host Sean Hannity. "Yes, those are the type of things that for more than one reason need to be cut."

Palin did not elaborate on what the other reasons might be for chopping the NEA budget. But the government of every major civilization in world history has also prominently funded the arts.

The comment about the NEA came during a discussion of the ailing U.S. economy. Palin is certainly conversant with frivolous activity, but her grasp of the economy is weak.

Debt reduction would barely be affected by penciling out the small federal arts agency, which currently operates on a $161-million annual budget. Palin's support of a federal subsidy for the notorious "bridge to nowhere" in her state became a campaign issue when she ran for vice president on the 2008 Republican ticket. That local project carried a price tag of $223 million.

"Reality is we have 15 million Americans who are out of work," said Palin. Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry supports 5.7 million jobs and generates $166.2 billion in annual economic activity, according to Americans for the Arts. The NEA is one linchpin in that sizable economy.

In the interview Palin made no statement advocating similar budget cuts to her home state as she recommended for the NEA, which is also in the cross hairs of Washington's Republican leadership. Palin's Alaska gets $1.84 in federal spending for every dollar its citizens pay in federal taxes.



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-- Christopher Knight


Photo: Sarah Palin. Credit: Justin Lane / EPA

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Why do you even give space to that moron?

Sarah, well she likes skins on her floor and heads on her wall. She represents the lowest common denominator in so many things. Please can the press ignore her?

This is not newsworthy material. It's drivel.

Not another dime to the NEA. Defund it along with the EPA, NPR, PBS, TSA, ATF, UN, DOE, DADT, and Title IX. And, that's just tomorrow.

Liberals are the problem. 2012. Solve the problem.

I curse John McCain for giving this woman a voice in the national media.

Someone (Where's the money coming from -starts with a K) says "Sic 'em" and this culo pintado says whatever is placed in her mouth.

I don't think this person has ever had a thought that has come from her own heart and mond that someone else didn't place there.

Her utter lack of grace will eventually make her a rich disgraced wanna be.

Yeah, Cook... Liberals are the problem... LOL at you.

MEDIA -- formally-trained TRADITIONAL AND "NEW" -- IGNORE HER! We know that the PROPAGANDA outfits, such as Fox (which, AntiChrist-like, misleadingly calls itself a "news" outlet), will continue to kiss her butt. But please -- intelligent-thinking editors and journalists -- stop covering her drivel, which is the definition of "dumbing down."

I hate to admit it, but the sight of Palin's face literally raises my heartbeat... As in, I need to take deep breaths to calm back down... I don't know if there's ever been a figure like that for me... Even Bush didn't do that to the same extent for me... Shivers!!!!

I don't know why someone who quit their only important elected office for monetary gain even gets a say.

She's a culture monster indeed. The only art she knows are the drawings of her kids & grandkids on her fridge. FOOL.

And Sarah Paycheck saw nothing wrong with the Government (National Guard) sponsoring the Iron Dog Snow Machine Race in Alaska for $250,000 each year. Rich man's hobby with those big expensive machines--and Todd has won the race four times.

This is news worthy, she is a puppet!

If you want to be taken seriously, try using a different tone. I didn't even read past the first sniveling sentence.

Let’s talk about cutting defense spending and tax breaks to big oil companies you dummy.

Notice how the Left Angeles Times ties the demonization of really bad programs, like the National Endowment for the Arts with one of their targets, Palin? Hey you Times idiots...it's not Palin who's the problem, it's the NEA! When the liberals are running the rest of the country into the ground, why do we need the NEA? Why do we have gov't sponsored arts? Isn't that what they do in N. Korea and Cuba. Gawd, the notion of it all sound so, like, Third World to me. I'll bet Qaddiffi has his own version of the NEA in Libya. Let's dump this un-needed use of taxpayer money NOW and leave Sarah Palin out of the picture.

There she is in the midnight sun getting her neck redder and redder and redder hunting all those animals for the meat she cannot get at the local Burger King, making it all clear to those reactionary friends who read at a snail's pace who especially know all there is to know and that art is like that wonderful stuff we see in the local church....except, of course, for those wonderful things the Eskimos sell to our tourist at great profit that supports the bubbling Alaskan economy. Ms. P. is for Alaska and therefore for all us 48ers. Palin for president! (again) Palin for President!
OK can I go home mom?

Well, she would be quite the expert when it comes to "frivolous"...

It was her greatest performance piece ever!

Just like Ms Palin to trash enties that make up only a small percentage of the federal budget. Lets help her get to the heart of the budget woes. Lets see maybe, a tax code where everyone pays the same percentage on income. Or maybe close a couple loop holds on corporate taxes. Same old reactionary solutions from the same old mouth of the Tea Party movement.

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