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Monster Quiz 'Black Swan' edition: Fakers or the real deal?

April 1, 2011 | 12:15 pm

The recent brouhaha surrounding the percentage of "Black Swan" dancing done by Natalie Portman and her body double Sarah Lane (estimates vary from 5% to 90% Natalie and Culture Monster readers can't agree) got us thinking about other cinematic swaps.

"Black Swan" is certainly not the first film to use another person to enhance an actor's performance when a specialist skill like singing, playing an instrument or dancing is involved. Some films make no effort to cover up the switch. Others go to great lengths to make the performance convincing.

For this week's Monster Quiz, we're looking at 10 films that have used a body or voice double.

Or have they

Can you tell who is a faker and who is the real deal?

--Marcia Adair



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Fun quiz and I learned some stuff too!

You forgot to mention Zoe Saldana who was in Center Stage as well. I don't think she used a body double did she?

@Crystal -- I'm glad you enjoyed the quiz. I learned a few things researching it as well.

Be sure to tune in this Friday for an all new Monster Quiz.

@Jay -- so I did. I know Saldana had some ballet training as a teenager, so she could probably handle the class shots and some of the rehearsals but I'm not sure if it was all her in the big sequences.

I'm guessing arms yes, feet no. If anyone knows for sure, please do pipe up.


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