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Kenny G to host his own show at KKJZ-FM

March 30, 2011 |  4:10 pm

Large.r6710t368q2n Grammy-winning saxophonist Kenny G is adding a new job to his resume: radio host.

Starting Sunday, the musician will be heard for two hours each week on KKJZ-FM (88.1), better known to its fans as K-Jazz. The program will be called "C to C With Kenny G," which the station explained stands for "Classic to Contemporary," meaning he'll be playing music "ranging from Dave Brubeck and Wes Montgomery to Esperanza Spalding and Chris Botti."

"I love jazz and grew up listening to all the great masters of jazz as well as the more contemporary instrumentalists," the 54-year-old sax man said in a statement released by KKJZ. "My new program will draw from jazz-oriented music recorded throughout my lifetime."

Kenny G (real name Kenneth Gorelick) has sold more than 75 million records since the release of his first album in 1982. His hit CDs include "Duotones," "Breathless" and "Miracles."

"C to C" will air Sundays from 7 to 9 p.m.

-- Lee Margulies


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Oh hell no! Kenny g is not jazz, and has been terrible for it by watering it down to the point of complete and total nutritionless goop. He has done far too much harm to what jazz is and stands for, he is contempt to modern musics creative. No jazz guy takes this fool seriously. Those from Branford Marsalis who simply writes him off, to Pat Metheny who has openly attacked him.

Selling garbage does not expand an audience. Coltrane's improvising My Favorite Things into a totally new and spiritual experience can work, though typical contempt pop stuff like the Beatless doesnt. As Wynton pointed out.

This is NOT a good thing, it hurts, it makes real creatives looks like wimps. Like solid rap vs what it has turned into today on a much lower level. Now its Disney techno passionless, energyless pop fluff. Yes, I mean you fool you ratface loser.
Hell no!

Hey--Does it occur to you that Kenny G might draw new listeners into the jazz orbit where others might fail? And yes, Pat Metheny savaged him for his chutzpah in overdubbing Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World, but that was in the context of Kenny's jazz tribute CD, which included Sidney Bechet and Coleman Hawkins--welcome surprises. Jazz people have always tended to resent what they consider intruders, acting as if they want the music to remain a well-kept secret....

Oh god, no!
He's a horrendous musician. And he's definitely not jazz!

Indeed, i hope this brings KJazz newer audience and more pledge donations.

Who cares if its Kenny G or Sade hosting... If jazz radio continues not to be supported by the public than where will anyone listen to great jazz.

What will get young people involved is fuddy duddy music teachers and so called educators playing young musicians music. Stop with the old guys, play Terence Blanchard or even Esperanza Spaulding. She has talent and will grow, but she is what kids WILL respond to if they hear it. They can get to Hawk and Lester and even Miles later. Old farts woouldnt even call Miles In a Silent Way jazz.

Fine, but he kept it open to the young far better than so called critics. And was great music. Play Jaco and Weather Report, once hooked on real music, they will learn it all, but dont prop up garbage like Kenny G and call it jazz. They will hit a wall, as it is dull and leads to nothing. Metheny went off on him for far more than a cover, and listed his limitations and nonsense. It is noodling, no music. let them hear, and they will come

art e musica collegia delenda est

VOICE COACH: Okay, Lena, repeat after me: “And I cahhn’t stand him.”

LENA: An’ I can’t stan’im.

VOICE COACH: cahhhhn’t

LENA: ceee-a-a-a-n’t

Oh, my goodness. They’ve killed Kenny! But he’ll be alive and clicking in the next comment.

Yes, I mean you, Don Frazell. You ratface April Fool. Now you haz Jazz!

(Who’s Miles Davis again? Just kidding…I’ve miles to go before I sleep…Miles to go.)

OH NO...why not Justin Bieber? "KJazz, where Jazz lives" ..or do they mean leaves?

This is the pitts...Kenny G would be better off teaming up with someone like Tiny Tim. Hosting a program on a jazz station, why on earth? I wonder how much Kenny G paid KJAZZ to let him infiltrate the royal airways of Jazz. I might also add, KJAZZ does not even play Kenny G music.

Have you seen the playlist for hiw show?

Some good stuff.


Doesnt matter. He is buying respectibility. At the expense of the credibility of those who have worked and sacrificed. He is a bad joke. Though few listen to that timeslot anyway, Nuthin but the Blues and Latin Jazz get the biggest raitings

Kenny Gorelick, is that you? You do know pumping yourself up is considered bad form. As is your playing.

"Hi this is Kenny G, and here's some of my music that really sucks".

This sounds like some sick joke, Kenny G is loathed universally
in the Jazz community. This is what happens when a public radio
station is run by a senile old man like Saul Levine, and his inept
group of radio losers. Chuck Niles would be rolling over in his

Don and frankie- get over yourselves you think he cares what you think.

people today need to find more productive things to do than bitch and moan.


when was the last time you bought a cd or went to a non mainstream jazz show to support an up and coming jazz artist? ( and please don't try to stop and google soem events) you probably have never eve nbeen to the central ave jazz fest ( to black for you probably).

Don/Frank - When was the last time you made a pledge to any non-profit organization.

i'm sure kenny does that and more!

when the hates stops... that is true music to my ears.

one love and to each his own!

I saw Kenny at the Roxy about 30 years ago with Jeff Lorber and he played his butt off! The guy can definitely go straight ahead if called upon to do so.

What was that they used to say about Reagan?......."style over substance". Same could be said about Kenny G. The association years ago with Michael Bolton certainly accounted for his success.

Dude, I was going to Marla's and the Parisian Room when you were still in pampers,er, yesterday?

I am from and in the LBC, and we had the Jazz Safari and Birdland West, unfortunately KBCA, er, KKJZ didnt support them and get the kids from Dirtbagland over to the clubs, too much Borgers mainstream whitebread stuff and politics kicking Bernie Pearl out of Nuthin but the Blues,which he created. He supported locals and didnt play the college level stuff they wanted. Went to the first Blues Festival when it moved to CSULB from Vets Stadium and then for years, even after the move to the athletic field,it was fantastic originaly but the perfect area was dug up for the new library.

I was going to Concerts by the Sea and Hop Singhs which did not last very long after CbtS burned down and moved over, and the Lightouse when it was real music. Heard Elvin Jones and many others there. And when i was underaged, on Thursday student nights whether in school or not, after I got my first jazz record, Miles late release of Water Babies at 17, advanced enough for you? And I am friends with and showed my paintings and photos at Ruths clubs from its first small room. And taken my kids to the Watts Towers Day of the Drum and Jazz Festival. I am still supporting Nuestro Pueblo(watts towers)as you can see on my blog. http://donaldfrazell.blogspot.com/

Lorber aint jazz, its on the wrong side of fusion. You noodled yourself into a frenzy then as now, with absolutely no notion of harmonic structure or rhytmic complexity, and simplistic melodic base, read Jaco's buddy Pat Metheny on that one. Wanna talk Headhunters or Weather Report, even Return to Forever( sometimes) fine. Especially Jaco Pastorius, as Herbie Hancock wrote on his liner notes and palying on his classic eponymous first album, he was perhaps the last musical genius. Play them on KKJZ instead of noodle garbage, and you will get the kids.

Even the old George Duke/Bily Cobham/Alphonso Johnson group blew Lorbers weak nonsense off the stage, and saw them at the Roxy about that same time. And they were second rate as Duke aint all that. Play the youngsteres music,have a show with their stuff as well as mixing it in other programs. I support that,but no,havent been to the Blue Whale, cant stand artsy fartsy areas. Though sounds like the music is the best thing there, got more important things at the moment,but kids should go,and open up to more,because no 25 year old knows anything,leave room to grow in the real world,for the streeetsis where all true art comes from. No, not street art,though see some good stuff at the MoCA show actually, suprisingly enough, better than contempt art.

So as i stated oringally, and I am well known for it among the many ballers i raised and coached.
Oh HELL NO!!!!

By the way, I have done more for kids, adopted and fed and roomed many more than you or any of your droopy locked heroes could ever dream of. Took a load of teenagers to LACMA Saturday and taught a class yesterday for pre teens, with NO money. I AM a non profit,
And check out my wifes new magazine for ambitious young women, which I help on as much as I can, first issue this summer.We do nothing but help,when was the last time you actually DID something for others with NO compensation or even thank you? sheeesh. Soluvmagazine.com

Save the colorful and spiritual Watts Towers(Nuestro Pueblo) teardown the sterile and souless Ivories. (see my blog how)

The thing I like about Kenny G is that the dude knows what kind of music he plays. He doesn't confuse it with serious jazz. Can you blame him for wanting to make a living? As far as this DJing thing, he seems to be a real fan of great jazz music, and if he can bring more listeners and contributors to KKJZ, he'll do more good than harm.

Reminds me of a story from 10-20 years ago. Someone asked Ricky Scaggs why he didn't play bluegrass music since that was the music he loved best. He answered, "Because I'd like to own my own home one day."

Kenny G will not bring any new listeners to jazz. Dumbing down doesnt work, lowering the bar on art just opens the floodgates to mediocrity, which now runs the day. Anyone over 21 who loves Kenny G will never be a jazz listener. The music needs to be presented as it is, not in corrupted states, and they will come.

Art schools dumbed down what they have been entrusted to long ago, and so abused and used their role long ago. The pharisees turned modern art into easily taught,and money making, contempt art. It always comes from the streets but must be made availabe in its true form,and let those who are passionate about life, intelligent and physical find it. But play younger musicians,and in different forms.

KKJZ is far too conservative and yes, white. There is jazz out there that stretches boundaries, but dont bring in the trash and say it is a gourmet meal,use what you have in house to create. Begin with the basics,olive oil,peppers,onions, garlic then expand the repoitoire into cilantro, silver noodles, curry sauce and yams. The Latin jazz show and Blues bring in the highest ratings,now play more experimentalmusics, how often do you play eric Dolphy beyond his most chord based works or long pieces? Grow beyond straight ahead,though never losing it,but dont degrade yourself into fast food. Or if you must at least make it In and Out,and not McDs.
Cook baby, just cook.


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