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January 5, 2011 |  9:15 am

Simon Books

“Collector Without Walls: Norton Simon and His Hunt for the Best,”  (Norton Simon Art Foundation / Yale University Press ). Longtime Simon Museum curator Sara Campbell pens a sumptuous, illustrated history of the late 20th century’s greatest Old Master, Modern and South Asian art collector. Plus, digging in the archives, she provides a complete catalog of every acquisition (1,732 works) and deaccession from 1954 onward.

— Christopher Knight


east of borneo,  (www.eastofborneo.org). This fall, CalArts dean Thomas Lawson launched an online magazine with colorful artist interviews, like Mark Allen and George Herms talking about the value of “amateurism.” But the site's real reason to be: visitors can upload their own images and videos to create an evolving archive of L.A. art history. Time will tell if it becomes less CalArts-centric as it grows.

— Jori Finkel

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It’s nice to be noticed in the local paper of record, but I do wonder about the barb – “CalArts-centric?” It is true we are published by CalArts, and we are very grateful for that; but it ‘s also true that any publication setting out to provide a venue for a dynamic investigation of the history of art making in Los Angeles will give space to the role that the school has played in supporting all kinds of art investigations since 1970. Meanwhile, take a look at our currently featured articles – Brody Condon’s EST-inspired performance at the Hammer, Noah Purifoy and art made in response to the Watts riots of 1966, the collector/promoter of German Expressionism Galka Scheyer, a reminiscence of police repression in the 70s and the Chicano group ASCO – that is hardly a typical CalArts line-up, even though Harry Gamboa, Jr now teaches with us.
After only two months the site is already rich with complex and rewarding content. All of this will only get better as our readers join us in uploading material and our expanding group of writers provides provocative analysis. I hope everyone with an interest in art in Los Angeles will visit us often, and participate in our project.


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