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A retrospective: Los Angeles Ballet turns 5

December 5, 2010 |  8:00 am

Los Angeles Ballet
Institutions are living beings with their own distinct energies and auras. Watching one appear, grow, stumble, recover and mature can be a fascinating spectacle.

I don't know anyone personally at Los Angeles Ballet, but when I was asked to write a five-year retrospective on the company, I found myself producing more of an advocacy piece than I had intended.

That surprised me.

I first watched Los Angeles Ballet as staff dance critic at The Times, reviewing its inaugural performances. But before that I reported on its formation and initial plans, along with those of two other ballet companies that failed to get off the ground.

I watch it now as a civilian, not uncritically but with an investment in years. In a way, I am part of its history. That doesn't make what I have to say important, but it is informed by seeing what a lot of other companies were dancing in the Southland during the same five years and balancing their achievements against those of this struggling, can-do local entity.

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-- Lewis Segal

Photo: The Los Angeles Ballet 's February performance of "Serenade." Credit: Los Angeles Times.