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2010 Year End -- Art

December 18, 2010 |  6:00 am

Warhol dollar signs 2 Gagosian Art always tracks the larger social climate -- which, like the actual climate, is currently in dangerous flux. Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal generation gave way to Ronald Reagan's Supply Side generation, but what follows next is not at all clear.

This much we know: The economy is a shambles, the social contract is fraying at the seams and art seems caught in the middle. A few thoughts on why we are where we are can be found in my year-end overview.

And, for a bit of solace, a look at 10 first-rate art exhibitions at California museums during the past bumpy year.

-- Christopher Knight


Photo: Andy Warhol, "Dollar Sign;" Credit: Gagosian Gallery


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As usual, you ignore art itself, and focus on the business end. Contempt art is dead, thats why there is a suspension of believe in the illustrative grabage. It has been revealed as Imperial Clothing, servicing the desires of the rich and maarting the status quo, a whore to their pimps. Art is here, you just refuse to look for it outside the corrupt Academic/Museo/Gallery complex.

And Pacific Standard Time is a pimp parade. It is about, by and for the intitutions, not the reason they exist. To collect, store and show art, not tell us what it is, The Pharisees claiming to be Prophets. The money changers taking over and ruling what is for their own social and ego issues. It is now fashion, and so staid and dead. It reflects them, not Us. So not creative art at all.

And leaves out LAs greatest work of creative art, the Watts Towers(Nuestro Pueblo), as it is south of Wlshire and so undesirable as a party site. It was made from 1921-1955, so fits within the time frame, but not the true purpose of this egotistical behemoth. Backslapping and fundraising.

Start doing your job, look for true creative art, Latin America has been important for decades, if you just discovered it you have failed at your role in the newspaper, informing us nof what is going on in art, not the business end of it.

art collegia delenda est

fine art colleges must be destroyed.

the blog is nice but the thing is to blame some one isn't the solution of any problem..

social networking and the shared culture may be creates some problems but we learn a lot from the cultures so don't blame others just keep your own profiling..


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