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LACMA produces 3-D commercial for movie theaters

November 2, 2010 |  4:34 pm


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has officially jumped on the 3-D bandwagon. The museum has recently produced a 3-D commercial that will begin showing in local movie theaters this weekend, with a 2-D version set to start airing on local television Tuesday evening.

A spokeswoman for LACMA said the idea for the 30-second spot came from singer-songwriter Carole Bayer Sager, a trustee of the museum.  The commercial focuses on Chris Burden's "Urban Light" installation, which has become an unofficial symbol of the museum since it was installed along Wilshire Boulevard in 2008. The public sculpture features more than 200 vintage Southern California street lamps.

The commercial, created by Bayer Sager's stepson, Brian Daly, features top-notch Hollywood talent. Morgan Freeman narrates the spot. "This is what they look like, and this is how they make you feel," he says in the commercial. The final shot shows a Hollywood skyline and the words "Have you seen the lights at LACMA?"

Film composer James Newton Howard wrote the music for the commercial.

The museum said that the 3-D version will start playing locally in movie theaters with the animated movie "Megamind," which opens Friday.

Here are more scenes from the LACMA commercial...



-- David Ng



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What is the purpose of this?
Who is their demographic?
They could show it before Jackass 3-D.

It would have been great (and maybe less expensive but I don't know their budget) if they had commissioned a group of artists to make one minute film/video pieces for the museum. They could have placed them in theaters with certain films targeting a particular audience with each one and inviting them in to the museum (like curating?) Then we could have a fairly intelligent discussion about art.
I think this is what you get when people like Carole Bayer Sager and her stepson think up nutty ad campaigns for museums. More wasted money that could have been spent on art.

This from the Museum that last year wanted to end its film program because it wasn't doing the kind of business they thought it should? This is really a case of "let 'em eat nitrate."

Rick Mitchell
Film Editor/Film Historian

And BTW - who the heck is Brian Daly? No director by that name on IMDB. So Bayer Sager is paying for her stepson's film debut?
It's just so sad!!!!


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