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$27,450 for a dog dish? Maybe if it's designed by Ed Ruscha

November 24, 2010 | 12:41 pm

Ed Ruscha bowl

$27,450 for a dog dish?

Apparently the price is right if you’re talking about an original work by the Los Angeles artist Ed Ruscha. His “Untitled (Fido) 2010” polychrome glazed earthenware bowl was created as part of the Bowl Project, which benefits PAWS/LA, a nonprofit that helps low-income elderly and the chronically ill keep and care for their pets.

Also contributing works to the auction, held Tuesday by Bonhams auction house, were Ross Bleckner, whose bowl sold for $2,074; Chuck A. Arnoldi, whose work sold for $1,220; Kenny Scharf, who brought in $4,575 for his design; and David Hockney, whose bowl sold for $6,710. (All prices include buyer’s premium.) A dish by Robert Longo, estimated to sell for $2,500-$3,500, failed to find a buyer.

The dog bowls were part of the “Made in California” sale, which was held in Los Angeles and San Francisco. To see images of the other bowls, please click on the jump.

--Lisa Fung

Ross Bleckner bowl

Ross Bleckner's design

Chuck Arnoldi bowl

Chuck A. Arnoldi's design

Kenny Scharf bowl

Kenny Scharf's design

David Hockney bowl

David Hockney's design

Robert Longo bowl

Robert Longo's design

Credit: PAWS/LA


Ed Ruscha, David Hockney use their talent to create dog bowls


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I can see why Longo's didn't sell. It looks like the dog got sick...

$27,450 for a dogs food bowl. can one be more of a self absorbed elitist ahole ?

Robert Longo's is my favorite, but the Hockney bowl is ATROCIOUS. It looks like a grade schooler's ceramic project that was donated to Goodwill. No offense to grade schoolers OR Goodwill. Maybe that was what he was going for...

Ridiculous. All of these look like a grade school project.

ridiculous!....looks like 4 yr olds did these. with the exception of kenny scharf.

Good cause! I should donate some money to this organization.

ANYONE, whether you can afford such self-indulgent insanity or not, who buy's one of these hideous pieces of hyped out trash should kill themselves without delay! And PLEASE, convince this self-deluded "artist" Ruscha to follow along.

The Ruscha is pretty cool... the rest are subpar even for contemporary art, for which the bar is low to begin with, apologies to pedants

There's nothing wrong with those who overpaid for these. The benefits went towards a charity...

That said, most of these are only worth buying if the money is going to charity.

$27+? My 9 year old could do the same thing. What kind of do do would pay that kind of money?!


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