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Singing students survive again on 'Amazing Race' [video]

October 4, 2010 | 10:45 am

Culture Monster is keeping an eye on the new season of  CBS' “Amazing Race,” enjoying the escapades of a harmonizing duo of Princeton students who sing in Nassoons, the school's a capella group. On Sunday's Episode 2 ,the race moved from England to Accra, the capital city of the west African nation of Ghana.

The team of Jonathan Schwartz and Connor Diemand-Yauman avoided elimination and finished the leg in the middle of the pack, their on-camera singing reduced to a rather fearful moment: After they were menaced by a random panhandler who had stuck his hands through the window of their cab, they harmoniously implored the driver -- in perfect pitch -- to “please drive faster!”

Cab rides were a source of animation throughout the episode for the pair. During a harrowing run through tight traffic to get to the episode’s check-in point, Diemand-Yauman confessed on camera to being "just  proud I haven't soiled myself."

We dug up an entertaining video of Schwartz and Diemand-Yauman that has not aired on CBS: The duo's a capella version of  "Amazing Grace," transposing the standard into "Amazing Race" with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics that reflect the team’s ambitions for the show. Watch it above.

-- Christopher Smith