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NBC's 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' could be a boon to local stage actors

September 2, 2010 |  5:03 pm

Lawandorder It’s not every TV series that can count itself a close friend of struggling theater actors.

During its 20-year run, NBC's “Law & Order” provided countless New York stage actors with a paycheck, employing them in bit parts, supporting roles and guest appearances.

The series came to be regarded among stage thespians as a rite of passage: spend years building up your theater credentials, get cast in an episode of “Law & Order” and finally be able to pay your rent on time.

The recent launch of “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” which starts airing on NBC in late September, means that Southern California theater actors will have a shot at working in the popular TV franchise for the first time. But in a city filled with TV veterans, will stage performers be able to compete for space on the show’s casting couch?

Although it’s still early — shooting for the first season began in August — some of the show’s top brass have said that they intend to continue the “Law & Order” tradition of tapping into the theater community to populate the series' supporting ranks. They said local stage talent offers them something they can’t get elsewhere — fresh faces that viewers haven’t seen in umpteen other series.

Read the full story on "Law & Order: Los Angeles."

-- David Ng

Photo credit: NBC

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I certainly hope so. I've always had an affinity for watching actors who learned their craft by treading the boards rather than simply being "pretty enough" to book on film. Best of luck to all the SoCal Thespians!


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