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'South Park' creators' musical comedy 'Book of Mormon' gets Broadway dates

September 13, 2010 |  4:03 pm


Fans of "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a lot to look forward to in 2011. The 15th  season of their hit Comedy Central series is scheduled to begin in the spring. And in a bit of showbiz synergy, their new stage musical, "The Book of Mormon," will open on Broadway around the same time.

A religious satire with song-and-dance numbers, "The Book of Mormon" is scheduled to open March 24 at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, according to reports Monday. Previews are set to begin Feb. 24. Casey Nicholaw, who received a Tony nomination for directing "The Drowsy Chaperone," will stage the new musical, along with Parker. Nicholaw most recently directed the premiere of "Robin and the 7 Hoods" at the Old Globe in San Diego.

Also collaborating with Parker and Stone will be Robert Lopez, the co-creator, composer and lyricist for "Avenue Q."

In April, New York Post gossip columnist Michael Riedel reported that the new musical tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who are sent off to spread the word in a dangerous part of Uganda. Their tale is told in parallel with the story of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Parker and Stone are newbies to Broadway, but they have experience in the musical genre. They both worked on the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut," which featured a number of satirical song-and-dance routines, including the Oscar-nominated song "Blame Canada."

-- David Ng

Photo: Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Credit: Michael Yarish / Comedy Central

[Updated: the version of the post corrects Casey Nicholaw's directing credits.]


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Wow maybe you should burn Qurans too... Oh wait you are too afraid to pick on Muslims. Lets only pick on peaceful people who give back to society and want to live Christlike lives. I know those brave gay people in California where not afraid to blame the 1% California Mormon population on Prop 8... What a bunch of wimpy losers you all are!!!!

Get a life so you don't have to torment others because you don't have one.

Let me quess... you always admired the bully who beat you up on the playground now you get to play one...

Pretty sad that some would make a production to mock a world religion of 14 million people. A pastor of 50 in New York threatens to burn the Muslim scripture and everyone is upset, the President calls and asks him not to, etc. But these 2 clowns can mock a world religion and the world thinks it is cool.

@South Park Bigots, they are not afraid to "pick on" Muslims or anyone else, and have taken on pretty much every group at one time or another. It was Comedy Central who censored the Muslim episodes.

Good for Matt and Trey for making fun of such a silly religion. Actually, good for them for making fun of all religions, including Islam. The original poster doesn't have a clue, saying South Park is afraid to pick on Muslims... LOL you obviously don't watch South Park and you missed the movie Team America as well.

The Book of Mormon is a work of fiction. It's wrong and evil to present it as fact. The evidence against the historicity of the Book of Mormon is overwhelming. Just because you got a warm fuzzy feeling when you prayed about it does NOT make it true. Try looking at historical and scientific evidence, which absolutely refutes the claims made in the Book of Mormon. For example, DNA testing proves that the Native Americans did not descend from the Hebrews, yet this is one of the Book of Mormon's ridiculous and easily refuted claims. If you need more info on why the Book of Mormon is not historical fact, I recommend a book called "New Approaches to the Book of Mormon: Explorations in Critical Methodolgy" editied by Brent Lee Metcalf. It's written by a group of highly educated and intelligent scholars, many of whom used to be Mormon themselves.

Just so you sensitive Mormons don't feel singled out, we should burn the Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita, and any other "divinely inspired scriptures" that I failed to mention. Religion is the source of ignorance, oppression, abuse, and war. Try loving one another without the silly myths attached!

The difference between burning the Quran and making fun of Mormons should be obvious even to the most easily offended. The result of burning the Quran would be world-wide unrest, riots, probably deaths. Now, while making fun of Mormons is like shooting fish in a barrel, the reality is that the result of it would be probably nil. So while each act is symbolic, only one would have dire and deadly consequences. I mean the days of the Mountain Meadow massacre are long in the past. Nobody remembers that, right?

The Book of Mormon must be full of truth if evil jerks like this are making fun of it.

What jerks. Seems like Mormons are fair game on everything since Prop. 8. Do you think Islam supports homosexuality? Nope. Their viewpoint is even less liberal than conservative Mormons'. (Yes there are liberal Mormons too.) Maybe both churches have a long way to go in regards to some social issues, but it's ironic it's "liberal" and "cool" to support the Muslim Cultural Center and also "liberal" and "cool" to tear down Mormons. What a double standard. Find a moral backbone that isn't dictated to you by the media.

Oh silly me for being offended, I didn't know I should oppose burning the Koran on the basis of avoiding civil war alone. I thought Americans opposed burning it because we support the 1st Amendment. My bad. I'm sure these South Park guys would make fun of anyone, but it sure seems hypocritical that the same people who would be offended by the burning of the Koran, will go pay for these people to piss on what Mormons consider sacred- true or not.

I'd love to see them do a comedy about Islam...wait, they can't because that religion of peace would call for their deaths. Mormons promote faith, love, and family above all else...including movies, TV, and celebrity. How weird! We're easy targets. But, the real reason for all of the trashing...We are more powerful than you can even imagine. Look at who the FBI, military, and fortune 500 companies seek out. It's not the morally corrupt among you. It's the LDS members. We're everywhere. And we have more effect on you than Matt and Trey!

"Try loving one another without the silly myths attached!"

That is perfect. I find it worrying when these religious types say things like "but if it wasn't for the [10 commandments, sharia law, etc.], people wouldn't know not to... [kill, steal, etc.]"

Humans have known all that stuff was wrong for millennia, since before your favourite holy book was written. By men. Society has always punished crime and strived for altruism, religion copied that from human behaviour and not the other way around.

All belief systems should be open to satire. If you're embarassed by simple facts about your "faith", you probably need to take a good long look in the mirror, sit down, and read some intelligent contemporary literature on the subject.

Just another attempt to stay relevant in the world. Why is it that through all the attempts to blast the LDS religion--for almost two hundred years, these fools still have no success and more and more people, worldwide, are drawn to the church?

Maybe, just a thought, they should get a clue, that whatever attempt they try to use to mock and ridicule pretty much fades into failure, and this will be no different. There are many accurate scientific facts and studies that actually do confirm many of the these taught in the BOM, but naturally are ridden off as meaningless nonsense. It's nothing more than a pathetic attempt to make a quick buck, which I am sure they will, hooray for them. So, go ahead attack and mock, but I assure you you will be nothing more than a failure in your attempts... but thanks for the publicity :)

Wow Its so very true, the Liberals who go off the handle about the crazy southern idiot who wants to burn the koran ARE the exact same people who bash mormons. A lot of mormons get REALLY up tight over people poking fun of them, the truth is tho that its just because mormons are becoming more and more main stream.

Next time you call somone from the south ignorant for hating muslims check your self because there is a good chance you bash mormons online every chance you get.

First off, NO holy book should ever be burned, they are all about finding internal peace and ways to understand God. And if you think religion hasn't quieted the beast in humanity, you don't know history. We are at the most peaceful time in human history, and religion has greatly contributed to it, though there are always the 20% of mankind who are sociopaths and psychopaths, including salesmen, politicians and preachers, same things actually, who misuse it for their own aggrandizement. The ahrder they wave the flag or cross(or crescent) the more you know they have to hide.

And no one is saying to burn the book of Mormon, stop being so sensitive. The Southpark guys have gone after every single religion out there, and lost chef over Scientology. Jesus is always a cool and recurring chracter who confirmed a rabbit as the true Pope. Muhammed showed up in several episodes in a bear suit. For obvious reasons.

There are things to make fun of in every pursuit of man, because we are egocentric humans. I just want them to go after the art world, but they do a pretty good job of self parody everyday.

Save OUR Cathedral, the Watts/Rodia Towers, tear down the self absorbed Ivories.

I'm not going to apologize for my membership in the LDS church or be ashamed of what I believe....but some of the comments made by other LDS people here make me shake my head in disgust. Grow up people.

I'm Mormon and I'd be lying if I said people making fun of my beliefs didn't bother me. Why people think the fact that they make fun of ALL religions is supposed to make it any better is beyond me. However, making a big deal about this will only drive more people to go see the show. So have your show, I'll just go on believing what I believe and trying to be a good neighbor.

As a Mormon, I love it. I personally know people who joined the church because of the respect and love the LDS church has shown during prop 8. They continue to show the love and respect even after. It is something we don't believe in.
Also, huge Parker and Stone fan. I will be at the first show, or hopefully a preview show. Maybe they can invite us NYC Mormons for a special viewing!

Wow. Just to echo what's been said: imagine the irony when the threat of burning one religious text brings the ire of many nations and our own president while just a few days later, another religious text—just as sacred to it's religious readers as the Quran is to its religious readers—is figuratively burned on stage. That's classy, America. Pretty sure I smell hypocrisy and bigotry with this one.

I love it! When the LDS church is ridiculed, mocked or criticized it invariably causes people to take a closer look at what we really believe.

I joined the church in 1970 because some anti-Mormon literature I read caused me to seek out the few Mormons in my California high school. My purpose was to convert them to "true Christianity". Instead, I was so intrigued by their lives, families and testimonies of Jesus Christ that I sought further knowledge of what they REALLY believed (there seemed to be vast inconsistencies between what I had been reading and what they were really teaching). Eventually through a lot of study and prayer I was baptized.

Remember that one of the first things the Angel Moroni told Joseph Smith in 1823 was that his name should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues. For the last 187 years that prophecy has been consistently fulfilled . The church will continue to roll forth and fill the whole earth in spite of (and even with the unconscious help of) our mockers and critics.

Bring it on! Our actions speak louder than your words.

It's really no different than Monty Python's "Life of Brian" or any number of films/plays/musicals/tv shows that mock or satirize Christianity or Judaism. I don't see the issue. I'm Christian, and I loved Monty Python's take.

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