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Dance movie montage: Everybody cut 'Footloose'

August 31, 2010 |  3:52 pm



Still have "Born to Run" in your head even though Jimmy Fallon and company sang that at the Emmys all the way back on Sunday? Getting antsy for the new season of "Glee"? Maybe you just need a Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up? Then check out the above video montage of dance movies set to "Footloose." brought to our attention by New York Magazine's Vulture blog.

What do you think? Were there any films missing? We would have liked to have seen something from "A Chorus Line," "All That Jazz" and maybe even "The Wizard of Oz." Share your thoughts in the comments.

-- Whitney Friedlander

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Personally I am all about step up. If it isn't about hip hop/popping then I am not interested. Stomp the yard was sick though.

This is awesome! It makes me smile. There are a few numbers in "Take the Lead" it would've been cool to see. And something from "Drumline" would've been cool.

I haven't seen "Step Up" in awhile, this made me smile knowing Channing and Jenna are married now!

That was fun. Reminded me why I love musicals and that it's been a long time since I've seen the Hines/Baryshnikov movie White Nights. I may have to add that to my Netflix queue for the weekend.

that put a big smile on my face. I would have loved to see something from TAP, though!

Does anyone know which film is at 2:10? The woman in a red flamenco type dress, and the man in gold.

@Sophie, We at the Los Angeles Times are about 98.2% certain that is from "Strictly Ballroom."

@Sophie, it's "Strictly Ballroom" - one of the best dance movies EVER!

Amazing! So glad "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" made the cut-- my old dance teacher was in it when she was only 16! The only disappointment to me was that there was no "Center Stage" or "The Turning Point" ... two of the biggest dance movies out there!

This is the best dancing I have seen in ages! What a joy to watch it....can't help but move your feet!!


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