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POLL: The 'dancing Auschwitz' video -- hilarious or offensive?

July 16, 2010 |  9:56 am

An artist from Australia is receiving a barrage of criticism for a YouTube video that shows her Holocaust- survivor father and other members of her family dancing on the grounds of Auschwitz to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's disco-era hit "I Will Survive."

That's according to various reports this week that state that the video has been causing an uproar on Twitter, Facebook and other sites. You can judge it for yourself by watching the clip above. Much of the video (though not all of it) takes place on various locations of Auschwitz, the former Nazi death camp where untold numbers perished during World War II.

In certain scenes, the dancers wear T-shirts that read "Survivor" across the chest. In other scenes, they dance under the infamous "Work Will Set You Free" sign.

According to the reports, the person behind the clip is named Jane Korman, an artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her father, Adolek Kohn, is an Auschwitz survivor who is now in his late 80's. 

We'd like to know what you think of the "dancing Auschwitz" video. Is it truly appalling, or are people making a big deal about nothing? Take the poll and feel free to leave your comments as well.

-- David Ng

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It shows the world their triumph of spirit over crushing prejudice and hatred.

I'm a Holocaust Survivor and I LOVED this video!! It brought tears of joy. I see nothing comical about but a wonderful affirmation of life and survival. Had I been there, I would have danced with them. That grandpa is blessed to have a family that actually GETS IT!!

This dance by a survivor is AWESOME!!!!!! You go grandpa!!!!!! Shalom!!!!!!

This video left me in tears -- it was perhaps the most moving thing I have seen in a long time. I so very much agree with Jane Korman in that now, in 2010, and looking toward the future, we have to struggle to make the memory of the Holocaust, and its lessons, comprehensible for young people today and for future generations.

In not so many years from now, there will be no survivors left -- none -- and it is important that we are able to find way to teach future generations about this horror, and in so doing, honor the command of "never again" to those who will never, ever have the opportunity to meet a survivor in person. So I count Ms. Korman as one of the 21st century pioneers in translating the message of Holocaust remembrance into a format that the younger (and future) generations can relate to. Bravo to her for doing it.

When I see this video, I realize its message: that survival is precious, because survivors beget further generations, and in that since in each one of us there is life and laughter and music and dance and the divine spark, then the survival of one means the survival of generations and multitudes -- so much precious life, as I see it in each generation of this beautiful family.

I respectfully differ with those who believe otherwise, as Ms. Korman has done a beautiful AND respectful thing, and I, for one, am very grateful to her for this.

The most offensive part of this video is that neither Gloria Gaynor nor the writers and publishers of the song will receive any compensation for their work that has been co-opted and presented via YouTube. YouTube still makes money and has no problem not paying for music in it's content.

What a wonderful celebration of life!

This was a very beautiful and touching video. I have to admit that I cried tears of joy while viewing this family's celebration of life because of this man's survival!

I don't get it...what are people complaining about???
Heck with them.

Jane will be a guest on my radio show to explain the video on Tuesday July 20th on 9-11pm on ISRALA.COM We invite all people to call in with their opinions.

I think this is totally awesome, to live through what that poor man did, how dare anyone find this offensive, THAT OFFENDS ME

I think it's awesome - survival, that being a joyous one with dancing and singing is the best revenge and conquest over a sick philosopy which was alowed by a whole nation to take over and murder millions of innocent people.

Survival with joy is the best revenge!

"I Will Survive" is the perfect antidote for Auschwitz. Three cheers for all those were involved in the production.

The dancers/actors were very amateur and unpolished, but maybe that makes it even better.

Brought me to tears. If he can survive that horrible place and go back and dance, then more power to him! What a lesson for the next generation. He has chosen to not let evil win!

I find this neither humourous nor offensive. I see it as a celebration of one families life. A joyous moment of overcoming the odds of being extinct, while sharing the history with our future generations. As a grandchild of a survivor from Bergen-Belson, I can see the need to celebrate the fact that we "survived".

I am willing to bet that most people criticizing the video do not understand the background story. If you didn't know the older gentleman was a Holocaust survivor and that his family is dancing with him, then you would probably find this video pretty insensitive and offensive.

Why not cleberate the gift of life, the innocent jews suffered in the hands of the ruthless Nazis, good for the family enjoy we have one life to live.

It is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations to him, and his family for #1 surviving such horrific times, then to #2 actually celebrate love and joy at the very place where #3 he would have perished just because of his bloodline and the hate of others.

We need more like him and his family in this world!!
and may God Bless You


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