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Architects imagine Los Angeles in 2030

July 21, 2010 |  2:00 pm


It's not exactly "Blade Runner," but a new online feature from Newsweek provides a peek into what Los Angeles could look like in the not-so-distant future.

Newsweek recently asked a group of prominent architects to create a vision of L.A. in 2030 -- which is only 20 years from now. The teams that contributed their visions were Michael Maltzan Architecture, cityLAB UCLA and Gensler.

Each addresses a range of issues that include transportation, the workplace, home and recreation. The recurring theme among the three teams is the city's need to rein in L.A.'s famous sprawl and embrace denser urban planning.

"A future Los Angeles ... will alter today's predominant subdivision, tract-home, and automobile monoculture into a more multicultural, multimodal, interconnected, and sustainable modern city," wrote the Maltzan team.

The cityLAB team embraces the big-box retail culture that is prevalent in Southern California and transforms it into something more complex that includes closer ties to local communities. The architects at Gensler are proposing a public transportation system that takes advantage of GPS and other wireless technologies.

Each tab in the interactive feature includes audio and video presentations of renderings and mock-ups of the teams' re-imagined L.A.

The interactive feature also has a section of New York re-envisioned by the firms Richard Meier & Partners; Cooper, Robertson & Partners; and HOK.

Photo: a rendering of an L.A. freeway in the year 2030. Credit: Micheal Maltzan Architects / Newsweek