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Tim Burton exhibition coming to LACMA in May 2011

June 23, 2010 |  4:10 pm

Burton2From Beetlejuice to Batman, from Ed Wood to Willy Wonka, the characters that Tim Burton has brought to movie screens are notable for their dark idiosyncrasies and macabre weirdness.

Burton's goth universe -- at once disturbing and oddly inviting -- will land at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in a major retrospective exhibition featuring artwork tied to his movies as well as original drawings, sculptures and other works created throughout his career. 

The show is scheduled to run from May 29 to Oct. 31, 2011.

The exhibition originally opened at New York's Museum of Modern Art in November, where it became one of the most-attended exhibitions in the museum's history. Curators for the MoMA show were Ron Magliozzi, Jenny He and Rajendra Roy.

Before coming to LACMA, the show is also set to run at the Australian Center for the Moving Image and Toronto's Bell Light Box.

The show will feature more than 700 individual pieces of art from Burton's own archive, as well as from studio archives and private collections of Burton’s collaborators.

Once a student at CalArts, Burton worked for Disney as an animator before becoming a director. His first major feature film was "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" in 1985. His other notable films include "Beetlejuice," "Batman," "Ed Wood," "Mars Attacks!," "Sleepy Hollow," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Alice in Wonderland." 

BurtonMoMA's version of the exhibition featured screenings of Burton's movies. LACMA said it could not confirm at this time whether it will host screenings as part of the show.

The MoMA exhibition drew 810,500 visitors during its five-month run, making it the third most-attended exhibition in the museum's history. 

The top two exhibitions are "Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective" in 1980 with 976,800 visitors, and "Henri Matisse: A Retrospective" in 1992 with 940,000 visitors.

The New York version of the exhibition featured a large-scale topiary installation from Burton's 1990 movie "Edward Scissorhands."  

The entrance to the exhibition space (pictured, top) took the form of a large monster's mouth that was based on a drawing by Burton.

-- David Ng

Photos (top): views from MoMA's Tim Burton exhibition. Credit: Michael Loccisano and Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Photo (bottom): Tim Burton. Credit: Scott Barbour / Getty Images



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saw the exhibit in NY. Fantastic. Too many people though, so you had a hard time taking it all in. A definite "see again" Hope they put it in a big room. It was in a closet at MOMA

You wanna go there with me??
Love, Tina
PS: I promise to be in time this time.

OK, enough with the exhibitions about Hollywood people who are not visual artists in LA art museums : Hopper, Franco, Burton. What's next? Brad Pitt's pitiful attempts at architecture? There are enough great artists living here and elsewhere who never had a retrospective. Museum space is at a premium, please send that entertainment crap where it belongs, Universal City Walk. Give us back some real visual artists.

I also attended the NY exhibit. It was very comprehensive and interesting, however MoMA did a terrible job in its exhibition. Like b martins said, it was overly cramped and crowded, which made it difficult to really enjoy the works. I hope LACMA considers this in their planning.

Just when I thought LACMA wasn't a toilet they go and surprise me. Screw LA and the huge number of artists who live and work here and show all over the world. Tm Burton doesn't have enough viewers, fans and outlets for his creativity (like his MOVIES) he needs MORE. Great. Thanks again LACMA.

I'm so excited. I almost flew to NY for the the other exhibit. A whole year of waiting. I will be patient. I think his art are creative, alive, and very charming. I can't wait! I hope it won't be too crowded.

So many predictable negative naysayers decrying this exhibition. There are plenty of museums in LA with enough time and space to feature all of LA's homegrown visual artists. Many of the artists the world holds dear, from Michelangelo to Manet, were populist rock stars of their time. So featuring someone like Tim Burton is apt -- his visual imagination has influenced many artists and filmmakers - from Mark Ryden to Manga to many street artists. He's completely deserving of this, and LA is the perfect place for it. In fact, it should have started here. What the heck do all you want? More of that boring 1960s era Baldessari/Bangston Venice-based sedate plexiglas crap? We've seen it enough and it doesn't hold up well and doesn't draw ticket-paying customers or, more importantly, tourists, for whom this city needs to help prop up our economy. If it takes some big international popular shows, be it Burton, Vanity Fair, or King Tut, let's do it!

I'm sorry, but I'm a little tired of the "art star" "film star" meets museum blockbuster event boys club.

Tim Burton is a visual artist who happens to be a film director and incredible visuals play a huge part in his movies. He is an all-around creative genius and Govan is smart to bring this to LA. Hopper was a marginal painter, a decent photographer and a pretty good actor. James Franco is lovely to look at and apparently that is enough because his "Art" is complete crap and you all know it.

Really? Can you name a bunch of major shows you describe you're tired of?

Agree with GovansMind, saw his stop action figures with my kid when Nightmare before Christmas came out, the boy has gifts. Sure, he aint cezanne, but so what? it is graphic and applied art done in creative ways, that are beyond illustrations, which is all Academic stuff is now, illustrating irrelevant ideas. His work has life to it, one feels life and not some egghead ideas that are only thought of in sterile academic confines.

I doubt i will go see it on purpose, or pay some extravagant cost, but if there and with friends who want to, fine. It is a family group thing, not sitting down and delving into the big questions in life, but still relishes and brings passion in , sounds much better than some cokehead actors ego driven nonsense or megolomanical robber barons collection, thumbs up.

Save the Watts towers, tear down the ivories. life matters, not career and selfish lifestyle.

I must see nowwwwwww!!!!!!

- I was wondering exactly the address to this exhibition?
I would love to go and see the art, Tim Burton is simply amazing!

@Capital Capitol
good thing that no one cares what you consider art, because i actually can't wait for this.

OH! I wanna go. This time I might be able to attend because I'll be out of school by then. yea.

I WANNA GOOOO!!! DAMNIT I need to get to California!

I'm a HUGE fan of Tim Burton!!! I cannot wait to attend this event..It will be a chance of a lifetime for me! Being an artist and having Tim Burton as my inspiration makes me work harder as an artist!


Is the Tim Burton exhibit coming to or around Grand Rapids, Michigan? I really want to go to it, but I can't make a trip to Toronto.


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