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I see you: Marina Abramović live video-feed performance at MOMA

March 15, 2010 | 12:30 pm

Marina A Andrew H. Walker Getty Images
Here's an excellent time-waster: For its retrospective of performance artist Marina Abramović, New York's Museum of Modern Art has put a live-feed video camera in its cavernous atrium to let us watch an on-going performance piece.

For the 11-week duration of the exhibition, starting just before the museum opens each day and continuing until just after closing, Abramović sits in a wooden chair at a small table. Visitors, one at a time, sit in another wooden chair opposite, and the artist and the viewer stare at each other. The artist's chair is padded.

You can find the live-feed here. (It does need to be periodically refreshed.) "Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present" continues through May 31. Enjoy.

--Christopher Knight

Photo: Marina Abramović and guest at the MOMA opening night party. Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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Here, let me cut and paste a response i made about this, er, performance, on another site. As it is simply repetitive of the same thing over and over, her MO, why not? The mistaking of pseduo intellectual argument for art must end. And i never was stupid enough to claim my posts as art, thats just retarded. literally. Though one guy at the Guardian wanted me to wallpaper a site with my posts as art. Damn, can we all grow up now? Sheesh.

And really CK,. why would one need to update the feed? Like anyone could tell the difference.

May it be the epitaph to an era, that of Meism and Excess. Where the individual dares to present oneself as martyr, which like a handle, monicur, nickname, cannot be given to oneself without being arrogant and a fraud. And this is exactly that. A peformance piece of ones own superiority, when its really weakness. What she does is not excatly healthy, balanced, or unifying of mind body and soul. The visual revelation of which is arts purpose.

Contempt art is over, dead, Rest In Hell. It is about an effete group who weakly aspires to greatness, not humanity. It is a fraud, an absurdist play to make the rich feel better about themselves, amusement, entertainment, fashion. Art is eternal, that which lasts is that which finds what is essentially human, and continues to trigger such oneness in future generations. This is but a historical footnoot of human hubris.

And extraordnarily boring, for those with far too much time and money on their hands. Time to get a life.

It is time to puts aside childish things.
President Obama

And of course,
art collegia delenda est

so why even blog this?

This is terrifying. Terrify to learn such thing would classify as "performance", terrify to learn any established institution would interest in such, and terrify to read about it here on LA Times.

The artist has hubris and sponsors. The facade of Performance art always has played well to the Freak show instinct that makes us mesmerized with car wrecks, celebrity and porno. Often this ceremony is fueled by simulated violence, mutilation or nudity, but I imagine the ravages of time and a cold room might have given the artist pause to reprise her naked greatest hits, but more probable the sponsor got queasy with streaming the idea, forget shock and just bamboozle and annoy. Of course there is always someone in every decade embraced by contemporary art preciously because they will be provocateurs that reinforce the dislike for modern art by the public, which is precisely why it’s welcomed. We get it, they don’t, we rule.

Could i bring a chess set and just ignore her? Duchamp would understand. You can't fix stupid. But apparently can sell it.

art collegia delenda est

wow trojan 949 - you are one terrified person! You're in the right company in the comments - wray and frazell are scared too - right out of their wits (that explains their lack of wits.)
Go to the Tuymans or Grotjahn reviews by Knight - you'll find what you're looking for: PAINTING! Oh painters - they tell it (whatever IT is) like it is. Bless their well-supported-by museum-board-members little souls.

Not scared at all, bored, yeah, disgusted, yup, amazed at the lack of virility and true exploration of our world in the artscene? lots of that.
But, cant fix stupid, but can get to those not yet corrupted, as the miniscule artscene is for lsoers, real artsits are individuals, and explore on their own. not exhibitionists and needy for validation.

Paint, wood, clay,sound, use whatever you want. If you want to act, act, but thats interpretive aaaart and enterteinment, not creative art. Thats the writers. And we do that alone, and away from the influence of the mediocre wannabes and controlling sycophants.

have a nice day!

Terrified? Of what?

Please… can’t one complain when the naked Emperor has clothes on?

terrifying? Only the response you gave it.

Open your mind, expression comes in many forms, terror is only fear of the unknown, something which should be questioned at all times.

Can you tell me what is the unknown here I'm scared of? I'm perfectly familiar with performance art. Some is good most is a fulfilling a need for attention when you have no discernable talent to exploit to the public. Contempt might be a fair observation of my state of mind. But more to the point I find it silly.

The ignorance of this article and most of the commentators perpetuate the myth that performance art is simply self -aggrandizement.Too bad, you are missing out on a fascinating world that deserves real intellectual exploration. Try reading about it. Just scratch the surface, if you are all a curious human being, you may just dig deeper. I recommend Marina's biography by James Westcott. And any review of the recent Tino Sehgal situation at the Guggenheim. Good luck with your philistinism!"


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