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Stephen Colbert immortalized (sort of) by Shepard Fairey

February 12, 2010 |  4:45 pm

Colbert Stephen Colbert, the faux-conservative Comedy Central commentator, is heading to Vancouver for the Olympics, where he is expected to report on  various competitive events including hockey and speedskating.

To commemorate the visit, artist Shepard Fairey has created a poster immortalizing the TV personality in an appropriately faux-gung-ho pose.

The poster, which Colbert has made available on his website and is asking fans to post all over Vancouver, depicts the comedian wearing laurels and wielding an Olympic torch while riding a giant bald eagle.

On the website, Colbert exhorts people to "help spread the word about his historic visit to Canada" and to download the Fairey poster and "post it all over Vancouver!"

He also announces that he will be holding a live event in Vancouver at Creekside Park at 1455 Quebec St. on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:15 a.m.

In the fall, Colbert helped to raise money for the U.S. Olympic speedskating team after one of its sponsors, Dutch Bank DSB, went bankrupt. The comedian has since appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in skin-tight speedskating apparel.

Colbert's tongue-in-cheek mocking of Canadians has raised some eyebrows in the sports world and has even prompted U.S. speed skater Shani Davis to call the comedian "a jerk." The two  reportedly made amends after taping an episode of "The Colbert Report" in December.

No stranger to controversy, Fairey is embroiled in a fair-use legal battle with the Associated Press centering around the Los Angeles artist's "Hope" poster of Barack Obama.

-- David Ng

Credit: Shepard Fairey / Comedy Central

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At the time of his comment Davis admitted he didn't know who Colbert was making him the real jerk.


Whose jerk? Anyhow Colbert is very likable and has guts.


Colbert uses satire, which is easily misunderstood.

Really?? I still don't find Colbert particularly funny...

For all we know Shani Davis was supposed to call Colbert a jerk, so Colbert could get all meta in order for them to have this Ultimate Battle. Which by the way, was hysterical. It was like putting a gazelle up against a moose.

I think sometimes the fans forget Colberrrrr is a character, and is allowed to be insulted as a right wing jingoistic fruitbat.

His poster is definitely the first thing I've ever seen that claims the goal of the Olympics is NOT to bring us all together in admiration of pure athleticism - but for us to "defeat the world". I'm even suspect of his decision to pick "Quebec Street" to host his show on.

I'm surprised the IOC hasn't already escorted him to the border, because they have no sense of humor whatsoever.

Too bad the Colbert poster is just another Fairey rip off. At least this time he's ripping off his own work. The poster is all but exactly the sticker image he did for a renewable energy campaign. I kind of expect more from an artist of his caliber, like some original ideas.

What's the matter with using other people's photographs or images in your work.

Made me wads of cash - AND - I have my own museum now.


Shhpard Fairey is a plagiarist who steals the work of others -- your own media brethren no less. Why the Times chooses to publicize anything connected to this thieving loser is beyond me.

Fairey is talented, no doubt. But, there is a difference between postmodernism and photocopying. Just like there is a difference between what sells and what's good art.


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