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Fantasia missing performances in 'The Color Purple' in Hollywood

February 13, 2010 |  4:53 pm

Fantasia "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino will not perform in this weekend's performances of "The Color Purple" at the Pantages Theatre.

The show's promoters announced that the actress missed Friday's performance due an inflammation of her vocal cords, and on Saturday her doctor "advised that for the fastest and most complete recovery she must sit out the remainder of the weekend."

The actress, who is known by her first name, is scheduled to resume her usual performance week starting Tuesday night. An understudy will fill in the role of Celie in the meantime. (In the regular schedule, Fantasia does not perform the Sunday matinees.) 

The announcement said that ticket-holders wishing to exchange tickets for another performance must visit the box office or return to or call wherever they bought the tickets.

This touring production of "The Color Purple" is scheduled to run at the Pantages through Feb. 28.

In Friday's Los Angeles Times review, Daryl Miller praised the singer, saying this "is a performance to be witnessed now."

-- Sherry Stern

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I have been a fan and been waiting to see Fantasia since she won American Idol...I get to the Pantages on Sat nite agter anticipation and excitement to finally get to see her and she did not perform. I was so disappointed, I don't know why they keep hyping her up if she is going to continuously be a no show. We didn't get our money back for the tickets because it was my first Valentine's Date with my partner...the play was very good and the understudy did and excellent job, but I came to see Fantasia. I know one person probably doesn't make a difference but FANTASIA YOU HAVE LOST ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS.

wow, sat matinee's understudy Massey was fantastic. Fantasia should be replaced permanently

She is know for missing performances. You never know with this one if she is sick or playing games.

This was devasting to me. Saturday was my birthday. i was so excited paid $ for hair and clothes so i would look nice. Paid over $200 for tickets thru Stub Hub, 2 hours in traffic then we get there and find out she's not performing. THIS RUINED MY BIRTHDAY. The understudy did a good job, but i was there to see Fantasia in the play. It was not acceptable to come back on Tuesday. I work 8-5 in the Inland Empire my husband leaves for work at 5am. There's no way with traffic, work and other obligations we could have come to a weekday performance. This was not fair to me at all. At all at least she could have been in the lobby to greet people or something this was DISAPPOINTING AND RUINED MY BIRTHDAY

I have wanted to see The Color Purple for a very long time. I love Fantasia! I would have been happy to see anybody perform the role of Celie. I could not afford tickets and nobody I know could afford them. Oh well! I am glad she is not there. If I cannot go to the show to see, then everybody else should be miserable too. Sorry, but that is how I feel.


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