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Street artists hunker down at L.A. Art Show

January 22, 2010 |  9:30 am

Retna Painting2 Street art is often a hit-and-run, clandestinely created affair, but the Los Angeles Art Show is letting four leading L.A. practitioners of the genre hunker down for a good long spell and create under the public eye during the event's run at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The four men started their brushes and spray cans on Wednesday, and are due to celebrate completion of the "live art performance piece," dubbed "Vox Humana," Sunday at 2 p.m.

Mear One and Kofie are soloing on 144-square-foot canvases, while Retna (pictured) and El Mac jointly tackle a 288-square-foot surface. 

"Street Legal," a show featuring other works by the same four artists, opens today at Rivera & Rivera gallery downtown.

-- Mike Boehm


L.A. art fair season is only fair

Photo: Retna at work at the L.A. Art Show. Credit: Viejas Del Mercado (Elma Estrada & Brian Tsukamoto)

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The first sentence of this article is a description of vandalism - a crime as long as I've been alive. Those letters scrawled on that canvas have no "art" in them at all. As a photographer I know that I can shoot a photo that is not art. Just because I would force it on the world would not make it art. Grow up and get a clue. Graffiti and tagging are NOT ART. Our public structures are defaced and the Times is here encouraging it. Yuck.


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